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May 17 buzz: Deporting criminal illegal immigrants; getting California's high-speed train back on track

Most viewed: California's high-speed train wreck

Readers are still tuning in to Monday’s editorial about how the state's plan to build a bullet train "has become a monument to the ways poor planning, mismanagement and political interference can screw up major public works."

Most commented and shared: Lee Baca: Let us deport the bad guys

L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca's Op-Ed article about Secure Communities defends the program as a valuable tool for deporting criminal illegal immigrants. In his piece, he recalls two recent arrests as proof that Secure Communities works, and he also clarifies:  

Arresting officials are not deputized to enforce immigration laws. They are simply doing what they have always done. The only difference is that under Secure Communities, the fingerprints they take during the booking process are run through FBI and Department of Homeland Security databases.

Across the United States, sheriffs and police chiefs have voiced their support for this program. As law enforcers, it is our job to use all available resources to protect citizens and uphold the rule of law. Like members of Congress and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, I see the removal of criminal illegal immigrants as a top priority in securing both the nation and our communities.

For the most part, readers side with Baca's take on how to handle illegal immigrants who've committed a crime. But there are some readers who comment with other suggestions, while others use the discussion board as a forum to address Baca on other matters. Here’s a sampling, with spelling errors corrected:

What we should do is enforce our immigration laws and cut ALL aid to illegal immigrants and require parents of children in public schools prove they are legal residents or citizens before enrolling a child. In addition, employers should be fined heavily for hiring illegal immigrants.  If we do this, illegal immigrants will leave voluntarily.


The rest of the world must laugh and giggle about how naive too many Americans are in regard to illegal immigration. The illegals know they are breaking the law and they know they can get away with it. The fabric of our nation is being torn. Legal immigration yes, illegal immigrants DEPORT and charge their respective countries or reduce their way to generous aid.


It seems surreal to me that Baca should feel moved to defend something this basic and elementary to public safety and law enforcement.


Baca, it's going to take more than one stilted and tendentious op-ed piece to restore the public's faith in you, in light of your own ethics failings.  Nice try, though.



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--Alexandra Le Tellier


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In 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act was the original Immigration Reform bill that was subverted by business interests. Millions of illegal aliens entered the country after the mass amnesty using bogus documentation, which indicated they had been resident before the law was signed by Ronald Reagan. Even though the bill was sworn by the departed Senator Kennedy it has been shown to be a failure; not because it’s broken as Liberal and Democrats would like you to believe. But as there sections of the bill, never enforced. That everybody--including mostly Guest Workers for agriculture, that were given a path to citizenship, were able to apply for everything from food stamps to Medicaid costing within a few years $78 Billion dollars. If today, another Amnesty is passed with at least 20 million illegal alien settled here, the cost today would be just unimaginable, with access to Social Security and your pension money.

The afterwards of that Reagan bill was a silent signal for all those newcomers to depart the farms and taking-up other occupations across the country. If you want to witness the 14.5 trillion dollar US deficit reduced, we must enforce our immigration laws, policing our States with a mandatory E-Verify and the new Secure Communities provision of the Save Act. We cannot afford any more half measures, from the ongoing resistance of President Obama, politicians like Senator Harry Reid (D-NV in their growing unconstitutional push for an Immigration reform bill that disguises another capacity Amnesty. Illegal Immigration is an inflammatory issue, caused over decades of Washington lack of sympathy to US worker, now with estimates of 20 million foreign nationals feeding of the welfare system they have—NOT--attributed too? The worst issue is the instant baby citizenship law, which has become an uninterrupted national issue that is another massive entitlement for these people.

This is a foothold for hundreds of thousands of illegal families with 300.000 infants annually and probably the most fiscally exhausting expenditure for taxpayers. The Leftists and even GOP leaders have chosen not to release information of the costs of another amnesty; federal or State costs to support millions of these invaders. Now that Billionaire Donald Trump, Mike Huchabee have opt out of the presidential race, we the taxpayer citizen and legal resident need to choose somebody with a moral responsibility, in identifing the best personage for President. Currently the Tea Party that without any prejudice to a person’s political affiliation, race or religion must combat the Liberal elite in the media, who are going to crucify any challenger to Obama’s presidency. Every new candidate must face an overwhelming ordeal of rhetoric, propaganda and lies from the invasive left wing of the Democrats. They are going to dig up as much dirt as they can?

Another peril that must be exposed is that illegal aliens are voting in our elections and must be treated with zero tolerance. ACORN has said to have reorganized, after being dismantled by Congress and they will be registering just about anybody, no matter their immigration status.

THE TEA PARTY is the party of the American people, of--ALL--the American people, who are comprised of all delusional political party members and are ready to conclude this present President and Lib-Democratic party. Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R-MN), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) are some of the leaders in the TEA PARTY, and ardent Conservative Constitutionalists that are prepared to reform our unfair tax system, reduce the government agencies and return them to state control and insure a Congressional amendment to halt out-of-control spending. The TEA PARTY are against anything that is an obstacle to the sovereignty rights of all Americans and are ready deport illegal immigrants through ATTRITION. Get going today and join the monolith membership of the TEA PARTY at the National and local branches.

Alejandro Sevela

....AN immediate halt to all migration. An immediate arrest with checkpoints of any illegal alien, especially Mexican in EVERY STATE. An immediate arrest of Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa and Governor Brown on the basis on TREASON. WE demand id, NOWWWWWW!!!

Steven Fiedler

What you all are saying is ridiculous, ignorant and will never happen!! This country needs a way to deal with all the illegals, deporting 12 million people is logistically IMPOSSIBLE!! Furthermore, there are millions of illegals that pay taxes,( in case you didnt know, the IRS provides with a Tax Payer Number, because they want all the money they can get ). If you were to take them all out, the economy of the USA would collapse. So, all this talking about deporting them is just a waste of time. The way about is what Obama has been saying, we need to secure the borders, identify everyone living in the USA, deport the criminals and give these people some rights, they are human beings, not animals, your hatred speaks louder than words, I can't imagine how unhappy you all must be at home, they do for the most part, the jobs nobody wants, the baby boomers were the last generation in the USA worth anything, they did work hard, they did make this country what it is now. Our newer generations are just worthless children with no goals and no drive to do anything but play video games and ask daddy or mommy for everything they want. If you think items are expensive now, seal the border completely ( which is impossible ) and let all these drug addicts go pick some potatoes!!


Take this interesting survey about Spanish in the US!: https://spreadsheets1.google.com/viewform?hl=en&hl=en&formkey=dDBtc2szSU9lTXpFdkc4OXpISEc1YXc6MA#gid=0

Dam Ba

Sheriff Baca is doing what he is required to do. Prop. 187 was ruled as being unconstitutional because the state has no authority to regulate illegal immigration; and Secure Communities is a federal program, and they have the authority. Now, the feds have been backing off on enforcing Secure Communites, as I don't think the feds expected that so many cities and counties would take to it so fully, so it remains to be seen how this will play out.

Basically, Obama has told Napolitano (DHS) and Morton (ICE) to put their wet finger up in the wind, and if politically feasible, to let as many illegals`stay in the US as possible (obviously, he sees them as future Democrats), but not so many that the feds will get a negative blowback by citizens. It's turned out to be a mess, and I think we are heading toward a constitutional crises between state and federal authorities regarding illegal immigration, with court precedent being on the side of the feds.


I totally agree with 35clara



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