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May 12 buzz: Free speech and Islamophobia

May 12, 2011 |  1:03 pm

Most viewed: A life sentence of joblessness

Father Gregory Boyle's Op-Ed article about how it benefits our community to provide jobs for reformed gang members continues to dominate traffic for a second day in a row. If you go by our discussion board, several job-seekers and employers see otherwise.

Most commented and shared: Geert Wilders and how to handle a gold-medal hypocrite

Then there's Timothy Garton Ash's Op-Ed article about Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician facing heat (and trial) for making anti-Islamic statements. At the heart of Ash's argument:

If Wilders were inciting people to violence, then he should be prosecuted. But so far as I can see, he has steered just the right side of that line. So long as that is true, I defend his right to say deeply offensive things, on the same grounds that I defend a woman's right to choose to wear the burka.

Readers also defend Wilders, but for an entirely different reason. Here are a few of their comments, with spelling corrected for clarity.

The Koran is a hate laden book laced with instructions on how to kill one's enemies in order to spread the religion.  Modern Islamic leaders and throughout history have conspired to undermine and overthrow the governments of the nations into which they introduce themselves -- that is how they spread so far across the globe.  After they are removed from power -- as is happening at least briefly in several countries -- the actual state of affairs is revealed ... but if someone wants to read and follow that book -- that's their religious right, correct?  I mean we are a free people and far be it from us to seek to stop an organized group of killers from hijacking their religion in order to use it as political tool to subvert and take control of our government, right? ... or wrong?  President Obama says we are not at war with Islam -- but why is our army in Afghanistan forcing the people there to stop practicing Islam when our enemy was hiding in Pakistan among people that our President called friend? Someone will rise up to replace Geert Wilders if they drive him out of office because much of what he is saying, unfortunately for all of us and the vast majority of Muslims, is true.

-- Alfred.Brock

Wilders is 100% right !  He knows what illegals are doing to Holland !!  Only a gold-medal leftist liberal would refer to him as a hypocrite!

-- Californian3

Wilders has the courage to openly criticize Islam, the greatest danger to western civilization ever. In the seventies, a former Algerian president told that Europe will be conquered by millions of Muslims migrants and the high Natality rate of their wives. This prediction is now coming to reality. But be sure that Islam goal is global. Next, it will be America, south and north. Islam is a totalitarian doctrine and must be crushed. 

-- Aldabrecht


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--Alexandra Le Tellier

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