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Bank of America again urges customers to go away

March 1, 2012 |  5:13 pm

Bank of America

Why do people get so worked up when a big bank announces plans to extract more fees from its customers?

Granted, nobody likes a price increase. And with banks paying next to nothing for their investment capital -- deposits command minuscule amounts of interest, and the Federal Reserve has pushed interbank lending rates practically to zero -- they scarcely need new fees to turn a healthy profit.

But when the Wall Street Journal reported that my bank -- Bank of America -- was planning to impose monthly fees of $5 to $25 on checking accounts, my reaction wasn't outrage. It was irritation at the prospect of having to move my accounts to a different banker, one that showed more appreciation of the interest-free loan that my deposits represent.

What about you? Is the threat of new fees a sign that Congress went too far to crack down on banks after the housing bubble burst? Or is it just a testament to one bank's hunger for revenue at a time when the economy is slow and the housing market is still in crisis? Take our poll, leave a comment or both!

-- Jon Healey

Credit: Tim Boyle / Getty Images

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