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Immigration: And the hits just keep coming

December 14, 2011 |  5:02 pm

Alabama's new immigration law was dealt yet another blow this week when a federal judge temporarily blocked a requirement that would have barred local agencies from doing business with undocumented immigrants.

A federal appeals court and another judge have already stopped other provisions of the law from taking effect, including a controversial measure that would have required school officials to check the immigration status of students.

U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson's ruling this week comes at an interesting time because Alabama's lawmakers are considering whether to drop those provisions of the notorious state law that have been enjoined by courts.

It seems that nearly every week a judge is chipping away at some part of the bill touted as the harshest in the nation.

The push to roll back the state's law comes amid growing concern by some business groups, including farmers and religious leaders, who say it has pushed out laborers and damaged the state's reputation.

Should Alabama lawmakers consider repealing some provisions of the law?


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--Sandra Hernandez

Photo: Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley. Credit: Dave Martin / AP Photo

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