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A silent force against Obama [Most commented]

September 28, 2011 | 12:27 pm

Tea Party

President Obama has angered America's silent majority, Jonah Goldberg writes in this week's column, and it is those people who will probably drive him out of office.

The dilemma for Obama is that non-liberals don't see the situation the same way. As nearly every poll shows, more than 70% of Americans believe we're on the wrong track, and the number of people calling themselves conservative continues to grow, as does the number of moderates who say they lean to the right. According to Pew, the average voter places himself twice as far from Democrats as he does from Republicans.

Readers commenting on our discussion board  see the situation differently. Sure there are a few people chiming in delighted to see a conservative point of view on our pages. Here's what the others are saying.

Can we trust Obama?

Obama is like that hot girlfriend / boyfriend who keeps cheating on you but says all the right things when they get caught.  Eventually, no matter how attractive they are, no matter how good their words sound, you tune them out because actions speak louder than words.  That's where we are moving.


Can we trust Republicans?

I would say 'waking the hornets’ nest' instead of bears. There is a deeply poisonous well of insanity that runs in the Republican Party. Think of people like Senator McCarthy in the '50s or President Richard Nixon. These types of people are in touch with depths of evil and depravity the average person can't grasp. Nixon wanted to use nuclear weapons in Vietnam but was talked out it by Kissinger. George W. Bush attacked a country and murdered thousands of people based on falsified information about Weapons of Mass Destruction. Now the right wing wants to use the depressed economy to attract people to their poisonous ideology of cutting taxes on the rich as they go after Social Security and Medicare to pay for the Bush deficits. If people really believe that further tax cuts for the rich are going to save America they are clearly insane.


GOP's plan to beat Obama: Engineer a high unemployment rate

Thanks for spilling the beans. The Republicans want to ship wreck the economy so they can get re-elected. That's the big reason they oppose Obama's Jobs' Bill. They are afraid it might work.

Actually, the GOP wants a high unemployment rate. Then they can abolish minimum wages laws and unemployment insurance. Then people will be forced to accept miserable wages with no fringe benefits, and no safety provisions, just like the folks in Nicaragua.

However, the only problem with this tactic -- is that it doesn't work. If people are broke, they certainly cannot afford to buy an over-priced house -- let alone any of the goods and services businesses have to offer. You can go to any city in sub-Saharan Africa to see how Goldberg's economic theories work. You have widespread poverty, uncontrolled corruption, soaring crime rates -- and soaring unemployment.

Vote GOP and that's our future.

The GOP is actually engineering a high unemployment rate to punish this country for daring to vote for Obama. If the GOP can't rule this country, they will destroy it.

And to think, they dare call unionized teachers "thugs".


Blame for Bush and Obama

As a Republican, I'm going to blame former President GW Bush and the Republican Congress for waking the bears through their negligent leadership and management.  President Obama and the Democrats failed to put them back into restful sleep through incompetent management and lack of leadership.  The Republican nominee in 2012 needs to simply ask Ronald Reagan's question:  "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"


Who cares? We're up a creek either way

that anyone still believes that it matters who the next president is makes me chuckle. we're headed down an inevitable path. enjoy the ride

--Charles Manson Jr.

*Spelling errors in the above comments have been corrected.


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-- Alexandra Le Tellier

Photo: Marsi Digiovanni stood silently during a demonstration outside a fundraising event held by President Obama in Seattle on Sept. 25. Credit: Meryl Schenker / Associated Press 

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