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April 12 Buzz: American Islamophobia; Japan's resilience

April 12, 2011 |  3:24 pm

Most viewed and commented: Free speech and burning Korans

Jonah Goldberg, in his Tuesday column, takes on the Rev. Terry Jones' Koran-burning stunt, and takes a heavy-handed swipe at liberals while he's at it.

The fame-hungry pastor prattles about how torching the Koran is an act of resistance to the "Islamification" of America. Come on. Yes, the left has an infuriating double standard by which devout Muslims are delicate flowers who must be defended from American "Islamophobia" and wildly overhyped "anti-Muslim backlash," while far less illiberal and bigoted (by liberal standards) devout American Christians are to be feared, mocked and opposed. But that's a product of the internal inanities of multiculturalism and political correctness, not the creeping Islamification of America.

Most shared: Japan's well-built society

Despite the devastation to Japan from the March 11 tsunami and earthquake, there is a silver lining to cherish from this experience: a resilient society. To the Japanese, it may just be what they remember most.   


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--Alexandra Le Tellier

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