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March 8, 2011 buzz: A landslide victory for Michael Kinsley's column about Mitt Romney the flip-flopper

March 8, 2011 | 12:01 pm

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Is Mitt Romney stiff or laid back? Is he a businessman or a social conservative? Is he driven by politics or conviction? Is he for an individual mandate or isn't he? What on earth does Mitt Romney stand for, asks Michael Kinsley in Tuesday's Op-Ed article See Mitt Romney flip-flop.

We're all for transparency these days, and if anything is transparently clear about American politics, it is that Mitt Romney will do or say anything to become president. The best guess is that at heart he is an old-fashioned moderate, business-oriented Republican (just about the last one standing). But there's no knowing for sure. He may have no sincere beliefs at all.

The response from readers ranges from pro Kinsley…

"The only positive thing you can say about this trust fund baby is that he has good hair," writes Silver Lake Mike about Romney. "Beyond that, he's pathetic."

…to pro Romney…

"This is fun, Kinsley in a tizzy, liberals in a frenzy!" writes Steadfast&Immovable. "And all because they fear Romney. Now I know who is best poised to take out Obama.  Go Romney, do NOT back down!"

…to anti presidential candidates in general.

"'Mitt Romney will do or say anything to become president.'  And how does that make him any different than any other politician?" asks lankee

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-- Alexandra Le Tellier

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