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The Hollywood Farmers Market must be saved

December 13, 2010 |  5:05 pm

Hollywood Farmers Market Parking vs. produce. Film students vs. farmers. That's the debate surrounding the 19-year-old Hollywood Farmers Market, which takes place Sundays on Ivar Avenue and, regrettably, blocks off two of the Los Angeles Film School's parking lots.

"We acknowledge the film school's justifiable concern over parking, but there can be no vacillating about the outcome that matters to Los Angeles," writes the editorial board. "The Hollywood Farmers Market must be saved."

Of course, it's an institution and a vital part of the city. Here's what's at stake if the permit doesn't get renewed. "[A]bout 50 farmers could lose spaces, forfeiting about $3 million annually that supports 120 employees, according to Pompea Smith, head of the organization that runs the market. SEE-LA, a nonprofit that gets a percentage of vendors' sales, would lose about $170,000. Without that money, its ability to sustain the other, smaller farmers markets it runs -- in Watts, Echo Park, Atwater Village, Leimert Park, the Central Avenue market and the Hollywood-Sears market -- could be in danger, along with its Good Cooking/Buena Cocina classes and its ‘Bring a Farmer to School' program."

 A few readers have weighed in with their opinions.

 JustinEichenlaub blames cars:

"Don't you guys think that this is just another case of cars, both moving and parked, sucking the lifeblood out of any shot LA has at community, public space?  Ugh."

 b.g.hampton suggests a potential solution:

"I like how you give a wink to the legitimate concerns of the taxpaying property owner whose business is being disrupted by the market and then blithely ignore them for the remainder of your editorial.  Hollywood has other streets where businesses would not be affected by planting the market along them for one day." 

 DowntownDance thinks we ought to shop at Trader Joe's instead:

"The times and area, they are a changin'. You have Trader Joe's, you don't need Farmer's Market's, its Hollyweird please. Go, drive out to farms if you love them so much."

Super9 agrees with the editorial and wants to save the Hollywood Farmers Market:

"There is no question: The Hollywood Farmers Market must be saved. Established in 1991, the market is as much a part of Hollywood as the sign its self. The LA Film School, opened in 1999 and owned by a company in Florida, is late to this party and has no standing trying to deny us our beloved market. Not for a parking ramp.

Sign the petition to save the market here: http://www.farmernet.com "


The Hollywood Farmers Market has until Jan. 9 to come up with a plan or, more likely, a compromise.


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-- Alexandra Le Tellier


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