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The conversation: Campaign to legalize marijuana still fired up

November 4, 2010 |  5:16 pm

Prop. 19, 2010 election, California ballot measures Just because Prop. 19 failed doesn't mean marijuana legalization won't pass in 2012. The conversation is far from over…

Why California didn't pass Prop. 19? "The budgetary benefits, while not insignificant, would have been small compared with California's fiscal mess," writes Jeffrey A. Miron. "Mexican drug violence is mainly associated with the cocaine and methamphetamine trades, as well as from marijuana traffic to other states." [CNN]

Lack of young voters could have had something to do with it too.  [Newser]

It even failed to get the vote in Humboldt County, a haven for pot farmers.  [LA Observed]

Still, Prop. 19 won on one front: It made history and started a serious mainstream conversation. [Los Angeles Times Blowback]

Oh, but marijuana legalization will pass. "Not If, But When." [Huffington Post]


Most important, here’s what supporters need to do improve their chances in 2012. [Los Angeles Times Editorial]

-- Alexandra Le Tellier

Photo: Supporters of Proposition 19 watch election results in Oakland Tuesday. Credit: Noah Berger / Associated Press

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