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Obama and American exceptionalism: Sullivan vs. Goldberg

November 9, 2010 | 12:08 pm

On The Times' Op-Ed page Tuesday, Jonah Goldberg calls out liberals  -- President Obama included -- who don't fully embrace the doctrine of American exceptionalism. The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan responds here.  An excerpt:

This is the era of the Big Lie, in other words, and it translates into a lot of little lies -- "death panels," "out-of-control" spending, "apologies for America" etc. -- designed to concoct a false narrative so simple and so familiar it actually succeeded in getting into people's minds in the midst of a brutal recession. And integral to this process have been conservative "intellectuals" who should and do know better, but have long since sacrificed intellectual honesty for the cheap thrills of enabling power-grabs. And few lies represent this intellectual co-optation of talk radio/FNC propaganda better than the lie that Obama has publicly rebutted the idea of American exceptionalism.

Where does one start? Where one always starts with these things -- Jonah Goldberg.


-- Paul Thornton

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