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Non-Californians ask: What's the matter with California?

November 5, 2010 |  8:20 am

Here in California, we've grown accustomed to voters from all parts of the country -- some of them more consequential than others -– second-guessing our elections (perhaps because we have so many). This election, in which California somehow missed the cresting anti-Democrat wave, was no exception.

Several writers to letters@latimes.com accused Californians of electing the very people who imperiled our state in the first place. Many also expressed dismay that California took a pass on two prominent business executives (Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina) in favor of Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer. But fear not! Silicon Valley is still producing ex-CEOs faster than we can schedule elections.

Below are the best one-liners from the out-of-state commentators; the entire submissions are posted, without editing, after the jump:

"On Tuesday Californians have proven what most of America has known for decades. That they cannot be trusted to vote in running their own state."

"Why can't you dope smoking idiots see the light and get clue what is really going on in this country and in the world?"

"Albert Einstein once said insanity is '...doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.'  Congratulations, California, for becoming the largest mental hospital on Earth."

-- Paul Thornton

Sub:  tune-in, turn-on, drop out..

.. this is a story about two states,  one with the highest unemployment and the highest foreclosure rate in the country.. the other with record annual debt in the country and on the verge of bankruptcy and, can you believe it, on Nov 2 both toss economic fiscal responsibilty under the bus  .. and to top it off, re-elect the derelicts/Party that got them into this mess - go figure!? .. so I say to both Nevada and California - you got the government you deserve! .. and I truly hope when you're on the verge of bankruptcy and economic collapse, the federal government says an empahatic 'NO' to both of you!

Gary Hilderbrand
Tampa, Fla.

Most of us non- Californians find it unbelievable that California with its very high unemployment, ridiculous taxes, broke state government and illegal immigrant problems would elect the same old, same old politicians - Boxer and Brown - who helped put the state in this awful position to begin with when you could have elected people with real world experience in creating jobs and solving problems.  As more flee the state and take their tax money with them, you only have yourselves to blame. You have ruined a great place to live. Don't look to anyone else in the U.S. for sympathy . . . and you better make changes next time for sure.  Watch New Jersey’s governor to see how you can save CA!

Terry Doyle

It is beyond my ability to understand how a state that is bankrupt and going under financially can elect the same group of people (Brown, Pelosi, Boxer, etc.), that will continue the same stupid programs that have taken a great state like California to the brink and beyond.  What part of stupid and ignorant don't you understand?  What really makes me angry is when you do go bankrupt this next year, your only course of action is to turn to the Federal Gov for help and assistance.  That can only mean one thing, that my tax dollars will be used to bail you out of your misery and stupidity.  I could care less if you want to elect such incompetent and immoral leaders.  What really makes me mad beyond belief is that I will have to help bail you out to save you from your own stupidity.  Why can't you dope smoking idiots see the light and get clue what is really going on in this country and in the world?  Enjoy the loss of income and the highest taxes in the country, none of which will save  you from the ultimate reward....bankruptcy as a state.  You certainly have told the country how you feel.  Now enjoy the rewards.

David Merrell
Mountain Green, Utah

Albert Einstein once said insanity is "...doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."  Congratulations, California, for becoming the largest mental hospital on Earth (or shall attempt California-style political correctness and call it a special needs facility).
Voters in the state keep electing the same politicians into office and expect different results? From Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer to Pete Stark and Henry Waxman, Californians are aptly demonstrating that Einstein's words are accurate.  Now add to this the fact that the 28th Senate district re-elects its representative despite the fact that she died two weeks ago.  Now California must pay for a new election to fill this seat, and we all know how the state's coffers are abundantly in surplus at this time.

I was born in California and wandered that desert for nearly 40 years before opting for a fair shot at a decent life.  I am so glad I made that choice.

Enjoy your choices, California, for I don't see how continuing to do the same practices (especially since the re-animation of Jerry Brown came to fruition) is going to lead back to prosperity.

Todd Toepfer
Louisville, Ky.

Governor Moonbeam is back. Senator Boxer will return to represent you in DC.

You morons in CA deserve them both; they are yours.

You had a chance to turn your state around and rebuild the past prosperity you once enjoyed.

You chose to stay with the failed politics of the last thirty years; the destruction of freedom, capitalism, free enterprise, entrapronuralism and self determination.

Good luck on the path to socialism. It will be the end of your utopia!

C.T. Roberts

Californians, you deserve your sad fate.  How in the world you could be so foolish as to reelect a tax-and-spend retread like Jerry Brown over someone who's actually created jobs and successfully run large companies is beyond comprehension.  And how on earth you could reelect Barbara Boxer is equally incomrehensible.  Do you just enjoy economic stagnation and bankruptcy?  I guess you folks must think that the economy is swell and that the problem is that we need bigger deficits and even more debt.  Perhaps you should secede and rejoin Mexico, since that seems to be the kind of government you prefer. 

Mike Griffith
Woodbridge, Va.

On Tuesday Californians have proven what most of America has known for decades. That they cannot be trusted to vote in running their own state.

You're broke and getting broker. And you elect Gov. Moonbeam once again. And Barbara Boxer. What is it that you don't get?

I think you do get it and worse I think you know the federal government will bail you out.

Mark Newman
Lutz, Fla.

What is God's name is the matter with you people?  Boxer?  Brown?  Laughable.  When your economy swirls down the toilet because of your frank recklessness and craven fiscal irresponsibility do not expect me or anyone else to bail you out.  Do not expect me or anyone else to pay for your reckless spending, your illegal immigrants, your insane public employee contracts and pensions, your bizarre public policy bents and anti-business jihad.  You really missed the boat and a great opportunity to get California, a beautiful state, progressing in the right direction with Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina.  Instead you have chosen the low class malignanint narcissist Boxer, and the old clueless hippie Brown.  Good luck with that suckers.  You're on your own as far as I'm concerned. 

Kathryn Werdal
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