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He said, she said, we said

August 20, 2010 |  5:37 pm

Here's a sampling of some of the views readers had on our articles throughout the week.

Blogger Melissa McEwan of Shakesville commented on Meghan Daum's Aug. 12 Op-Ed about a trend toward girls growing up faster, potentially leading to an age in which males are no longer the dominant gender. McEwan argued that Daum spent too much time worrying about the effects the changing role of males in society may have on young boys. McEwan wrote: "Call me zany, but I don't think eight-year-old boys are owed the right to feel secure about maintaining 'male domination,' anyway."

The Social Security debate found its way into the blogosphere on The Free Thinker. Blogger Jack Davis disagreed with Peter Dreir and Donald Cohen's use of the Enron argument in their Op-Ed on why Social Security will remain solvent despite concerns raised by critics. Davis asserted that the Enron argument is overused in the Social Security debate, saying the use of  "Enron as a debate stopper is unfair."

"The Playful Walrus" blogged on The Opine Editorials about an editorial of ours that ran on Aug. 18 regarding the appeals court in the Proposition 8 case. The blogger disagreed with our stance that an equal right to marry is an essential part of equal protection under the law. The Playful Walrus concluded that although homosexuals do have the right to be protected, "marriage licenses aren't needed for that."

Jerry Critter of Critter's Crap agreed with the position we took in our Aug. 19 editorial about Dr. Laura's recent run-in with racial tension. We wrote that Dr. Laura should take some of her own advice and grow a thicker layer of skin, and Critter matched that view, commenting on the right wing's "twisted logic" when it comes to issues such as the 1st Amendment.

-- Emilia Barrosse

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