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Poll: Sarah Palin on Fox News -- must see TV?

January 11, 2010 |  2:33 pm
Sarah Fox News has given us (well, me, anyway) another reason to scream back at our television screens: The cable news network has added Sarah Palin to its stable of right-wing sometimes-commentators, à la Mike Huckabee and Oliver North:

The New York Times says the Fox News Network has confirmed that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will become a  regular contributor to the network in a multi-year deal.

The Times Media Decoder's Jim Rutenberg  quotes a source familiar with the deal as saying the former Republican vice-presidential candidate will not have her own regular program but will host an occasional series, much as Oliver North does now.

I'm not surprised about the former partial-term Alaska governor's jump to Fox News (it's part of God's plan, after all), nor is much of the blog commentariat. What will be interesting to watch is whether Palin finally receives any on-the-spot pushback should she choose to repeat any of the loony comments she's made on healthcare "death panels" and the authenticity of President Obama's birth certificate. I won't hold my breath.

What are your thoughts on this? Will Palin -- played this time by Palin, not Tina Fey -- make for good TV? Take our poll, leave a comment or do both.

Photo: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin at a book signing in December. Credit: Beth Hall / Associated Press

-- Paul Thornton

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