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"Obama Names New Director of Homeland Security"

July 24, 2009 |  5:52 pm

Whatever the wisdom or folly of President Obama's now-notorious comments about the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr. (I vote for folly), the president has added a new figure to the pantheon of instant political celebrities already inhabited by Joe the Plumber and Frank Ricci, the much-lionized plaintiff in the firefighters case that has bedeviled Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

By calling Sgt. James Crowley to sort-of apologize for telling a nationally televised news conference that the cops had "acted stupidly" when they arrested Gates, Obama may have guaranteed the officer more than a beer with Obama and Gates at the White House. Maybe Crowley could alternate with Joe the Plumber as a commentator on Pajamas TV or do guest shots on "Law and Order" or "COPS." An entire show might even be built around him: "CSI Harvard."

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