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Proposition 8: Starr argues that any right can be taken

March 5, 2009 | 11:30 am

Ken_starr_ap_khue_bui_4 An interaction between Chief Justice Ronald George and Kenneth Starr, who is defending Proposition 8, gets to the heart of the argument.

Starr argues that voters have an inalienable right to am end the state constitution as they see fit through simple majority vote, inlcuding "things that tug at the equality principle." But George leans in on the question and asks whether, if Proposition 8 had specifically said that homosexuals had no right to form a family relationship or raise children, that still could be done by amendment? Starr replies yes.

George pursues it further, asking if California voters could remove the right to free speech? Starr says yes.

Photo: AP / Khue Bui

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