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Obama in Berlin

July 24, 2008 |  1:55 pm

Barack Obama delivered his long-awaited speech in Berlin today, after a whirlwind tour of the Middle East. The candidate for leader of the free world praised Berliners:

The odds were stacked against success.  In the winter, a heavy fog filled the sky above, and many planes were forced to turn back without dropping off the needed supplies. The streets where we stand were filled with hungry families who had no comfort from the cold. 

But in the darkest hours, the people of Berlin kept the flame of hope burning. The people of Berlin refused to give up. And on one fall day, hundreds of thousands of Berliners came here, to the Tiergarten, and heard the city’s mayor implore the world not to give up on freedom. “There is only one possibility,” he said.  “For us to stand together united until this battle is won…The people of Berlin have spoken.  We have done our duty, and we will keep on doing our duty. People of the world: now do your duty…People of the world, look at Berlin!”

People of the world – look at Berlin!

Look at Berlin, where Germans and Americans learned to work together and trust each other less than three years after facing each other on the field of battle.

The full text of his prepared remarks is available here, see The Times' story here, and we'll post a round-up of reactions soon. Meanwhile, leave your comments below.

UPDATE: Check out the roundup here.

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