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In today's pages: Negotiations in North Korea, Al Qaeda in Bangladesh

July 2, 2008 | 10:25 am

Stantis Former Atty. Gen. Alberto R. Gonzales explains what Latinos want from their president:

What is that point of view? For starters, we may now wear suits on Wall Street or Main Street, but we know the experience -- personally or from our parents and grandparents -- of working in the fields, on the docks and in the kitchen. We want a job, not a handout. We value opportunity over more government. We are risk takers, willing to bet on ourselves and start a business. We want a society that recognizes and rewards us based on our hard work and ingenuity, not our skin color.

We are unabashedly proud of America, and we are prepared to enlist, fight and die for this country, sometimes even without the right to vote for its leaders.

The Albright Group's Wendy R. Sherman says North Korea negotiations prove that diplomacy works. Selig S. Harrison of the Center for International Policy reminds the U.S. to pay attention to Al Qaeda goings-on in Bangladesh. And writer Karen Stabiner says a backyard garden doesn't lend itself to eco-snobbery, just a good pie.

The editorial board looks at the U.S.'s progress with North Korea, praises the state for releasing hospital error data, and tells the state to get rid of its whale license plate, since the artist is asking for money:

We admire whales as much as anyone. But with all respect to the artist currently known as Wyland, there are other airbrush wielders who can produce a respectable image of a cetacean’s flukes among the waves. Now that the Laguna Beach muralist has revoked California's right to use his artwork on a license plate, the state should happily swim off in a new direction.

On the letters page, readers discuss the SAG situation. North Hollywood's Seth Burben says: "As a member of both the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, I find it disingenuous of Sally Field, James Cromwell, Tom Hanks and others to allow themselves to be shills for a less-than-adequate contract."

*Cartoon by Scott Stantis, Birmingham News

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