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Nas raps for Obama

June 7, 2008 | 12:02 pm

Nas Barack "B-Rock" Obama has long led the field among rappers, but now one of his supporters has turned out a real hit instead of mushy tripe (I'm looking at you, Will.I.Am) or mere shout-outs. (I know the feud is over, but couldn't Jay-Z put something together, especially after Obama brushed his shoulders off, and after "99 Problems" got him in some trouble?)

Listen to Nas' "Black President" — complete with an optimistically-spun Tupac sample and some measured praise — here, and check out Nas' early show of support in this 2006 interview. And I wouldn't share Gateway Pundit's worry that the rap endorsement will scare "whitey" — it's not an official, embraced endorsement, for one thing. And those rap-phobic voters probably won't hear it (and certainly wouldn't realize it comes from a guy who declared hip-hop dead for lacking power and politics), even if it will be on Nas' upcoming album.

*Photo of Nas courtesy Getty Images.

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