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Top 10: The kids are all right

May 3, 2008 | 11:09 pm

The best, the brightest, the movers, the shakers and the thinkers came out, but it was a New Jersey high school student who took the Number 1 spot in the week's most popular Opinion stories. But fear not, James Q. Wilson fans: the Pepperdine professor whose textbook Matthew LaClair attacked gave as good as he got, and made the list at Number 9. And the rest of the week's winners? A mishmash of drugs, China, and Jeremiah Wright. See you next week, and thanks for reading Opinion L.A.

1. Give me the lesson without the spin, by Matthew LaClair 
2. Looking for Mr. Wright, by Jonah Goldberg
3. China's powerful weakness, by Francis Fukuyama
4. A commitment problem, by Norman Ornstein
5. The U.S. and China are over a barrel, by Michael T. Klare
6. Dust-up: America on drugs, by Jacob Sullum and Charles "Cully" Stimson
7. Men who explain things, by Rebecca Solnit
8. Rev. Wright deserves some attention, by Rosa Brooks
9. Quit twisting my words, by James Q. Wilson
10. Contrarian McCain, by the editorial board

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