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In today's pages: American Values and the Next President

December 10, 2007 |  1:01 pm

The editorial board begins a series on the values that will shape the 2008 elections, beginning with a discussion of what it means to aspire to "a more perfect union":

Every election is an exercise in perfecting our union. We seek leaders with talent, experience and wisdom who will guide the nation through demanding times while upholding its values. As we sift through presidential candidates and platforms in the 2008 campaign, we will examine the basic American principles and challenge ourselves — and the candidates — to articulate how as president they would work to perfect the nation in the service of its inhabitants' unalienable rights. We begin those examinations with this editorial, to be followed in coming days and weeks by elaborations on the issues that define this campaign in the context of the values that shape this nation.

The board also notes the launch of a conference today that aims to bring green — environmentalism and dollars — to Los Angeles, and notes that even if American students aren't as smart as their international counterparts, they think highly of themselves.

Morris D. Davis, a former chief prosecutor for the Office of Military Commissions, explains why he resigned his post. Columnist Gregory Rodriguez wonders if environmentalism is our new religion. Author Paul Roberts explains why markets value oil at a price higher than the rational one. And comedy writer and actress Annie Korzen asks what was so wonderful about life in Bedford Falls.

On the letters page, see why Kevin Powell of Long Beach has this message for Ron Paul supporters: "If the tinfoil hat fits, wear it."

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