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DREAM deferred, again

October 24, 2007 |  5:09 pm

The DREAM Act — which would have let at least 100,000 young illegal immigrants work toward citizenship — lost a key vote in the Senate today. The measure, claimed by opponents to be a backdoor amnesty that may have legalized closer to two million people, fell eight yeas short on a cloture vote.

Of the four senators who didn't vote, two are presidential candidates: Chris Dodd, who cosponsored a very similar bill this spring but didn't join Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) on this bill or its vote, and John McCain, whose hot-and-cold relationship with immigration reform is well known. (Notably Sen. Edward Kennedy [D-Mass.], McCain's co-sponsor on the 2005 comprehensive reform bill that launched over two years of debate, also missed the vote.) Other presidential candidates in the Senate — Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden — voted in favor of considering the bill.

A round-up of reactions...

In related news, despite some editorial board support, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the California Dream Act, which would have increased available financial aid for illegal immigrants attending college in the state.

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