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14 down, 17 to go!

September 6, 2007 |  4:16 pm

You knew they held a Republican debate last night, right? Here's a transcript. Can you guess without looking how many GOP presidential debates they've had this year? Five. The Dems have had nine of the damned things, apparently. And we can all look forward to four more presidential debates in the next three weeks alone. I was just about set to invoke the Law of Diminishing Returns, but I see that Matt Drudge is calling last night's gabfest the "most watched debate of '07 election season," with "3.1 million viewers." Say what you will about the democratic process, but there is no lack of easily discoverable source material on and by all the candidates. I only wish that the Nine Dwarfs season didn't so quickly devolve into one-on-one, with third-party spoilers sidelined unless they attract an unreasonable 15% support at the polls.

Newt Gingrich published his ideas about debates here two weeks ago.

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