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Farfur gloriosus, or, Michael O'Donoghue, thou shouldst be living at this hour

July 2, 2007 | 10:56 pm

Was Farfur, the Hamas TV Mickey Mouse ripoff immortalized in story and song by the L.A. Times, just a piece of Mr. Mike's Mondo Video-type performance art all along? Take a look at the tragic final hours of the Pioneers of Tomorrow mascot and you won't be so sure.

Now I'm not saying that the death of Farfur has been faked, but the production value on this thing, which plays like a mutant offspring of Pink Flamingos and Mrs. Falbo's Tiny Town, doesn't make a very persuasive case for the official Hamas story that the squeaky-voiced spokesmouse was killed by an Israeli torturer while defending the land entrusted to him by his 12-year-old "grandfather." That the Israeli torturer looks suspiciously like some Beirut club kid makes the whole thing as hard to swallow as a knockoff Mini Mickey cheese blintz served at GazaDisney. It's just pretty hard to believe this thing isn't a crude prank, is all I'm saying.

Because the only other alternative is that good folks of Hamas are not just terrorists; they're seriously weird terrorists. And when Farfur gets his 72 Minnie Mice in heaven, he's going to be pretty disappointed to learn what the rest of us have always known—that Minnie hasn't been a virgin for a long, long time.

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