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In today's pages: What does Hillary have in common with Air Canada?

June 22, 2007 |  9:55 am

Columnist Rosa Brooks doesn't think too highly of Hillary Clinton's democratically elected campaign song, Celine Dion's "You and I":

"You and I" is not exactly in its first run as a theme song. It has already been used by Air Canada. Not just "used": Air Canada commissioned the song, and the airline's advertising consultant wrote the lyrics. (Art at its purest, it ain't.) This isn't the first time a presidential campaign has relied on a song that's basically an advertising jingle, but I think it's the first time a campaign has relied on someone else's advertising jingle.

That the "someone else" is a foreign country's national airline doesn't help.

Columnist Joel Stein is already jealous of people who will soon own iPhones. David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey, who served in the Reagan and H.W. Bush Justice Departments, tell Bush to call congressional Democrats' bluff on subpoenas in the attorney general investigation. USC's Muhammad Sahimi argues that one of the Iranian Americans detained in Tehran isn't receiving the support he deserves in the U.S. because he's not a hard-liner.

The editorial board wonders if L.A.'s top law enforcement official should have to answer to the same standards as a police officer (which would mean getting the axe). The board also thinks the U.N.'s new human rights panel isn't much better than the old one. Finally, the board praises the Supreme Court for bringing some clarity to federal sentencing guidelines.

Letter writers react to Bush's veto of stem cell funding. Burbank's Bill Haakana writes: "So, our decider-in-chief has vetoed another bill supporting stem cell research out of respect for the sanctity of human life. Apparently, that respect stops at the Iraqi border."

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