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The state of our disunion is strong

January 23, 2007 |  8:25 pm

Sotu Some quickie local reactions to the State of the Union Address:

Joseph Mailander:

Where was New Orleans?

HughHewitt.com's Dean Barnett:

A very pleasant surprise. A strong effort, especially the foreign policy stuff which actually did put the Iraq war in context. The president also benefitted from James Webb's supremely lame, divisive and petty response.


The idea that we should let those who want to come here dictate our immigration policies is insane. And, even with a "guest" worker scheme, people who weren't terrorists or criminals would keep trying to sneak in, such as those who didn't get into the "guest" worker scheme, former "guests", or spongers.

Wonkette's Ken Layne:

9:27 — Oh great, now he's going to screw up states' attempts to provide health care for the poor. Sorry, California and Massachusetts.

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