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More Reaction to Villaraigosa's LAUSD Plan

June 23, 2006 |  2:41 pm

The debate over Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's plan to take over LAUSD continues (as it no doubt will for quite a while). There are two stories of note in today's Times. In the first, Duke Helfand and Joel Rubin detail opposition from teachers and principals. In the second, Rubin explores Villaraigosa's connections to teachers unions. Meanwhile, blogosphere reaction continues, most of it negative:

* Sacramento Bee columnist Daniel Weintraub writes that Villaraigosa's plan

should not be approved quickly, without a thorough public airing and debate. The biggest potential problem with the plan is that it blurs the lines of authority and accountability.

* Joe Scott at The Body Politic assesses the plan in the context of the mayor's overall performance (italics his):

The popular Villaraigosa’s charisma and passion is not in dispute. Rather, after all the political theater, accountability remains the issue. On the eve of his first year in office, there is a concern among many supporters that he has spread himself too thin, made too many promises he cannot keep and appeared too anxious to put his future state and national political ambitions first.

* Dave at Friends of Dave is also pessimsitic:

I hope in a year, as the mayor begins his third year in office that we can all look back on the progess LAUSD has made in the preceding 12 months and feel good about it. My fear is that we'll look back and wonder how we wasted yet another year and how yet one more group of students missed out on the public education they deserve.

* Ezra Klein colors himself skeptical as well:

I'm a wonk and I'm confused. This strikes me as a clear case of Villaraigosa feeling the pressure to deliver on a campaign promise and preferring to return with bad policy that's nevertheless an "accomplishment" than empty hands. Not good.

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