CES: Bill Gates' swan song

Bill_gates In his final CES keynote, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates again tried to sell attendees on a world of devices connected -- not by wires, but by Microsoft software.

It's been a tough sell over the years, with many CE manufacturers loath to invest in the kind of power and complexity that Microsoft's products require. But Gates' keynote offered at least one thing that attendees couldn't help but admire: a self-mocking video with more celebrities than a Hollywood premier. Among those helping Gates make fun of his impending departure from Redmond were Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Jay-Z and Bono, Jon Stewart and Brian Williams. Microsoft may not dominate the CE industry the way it does computers, but when it comes to star-powered cameos (Spielberg! Clooney!), Gates rules.

More on Gates' speech

-- Jon Healey

Photo: Associated Press


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