CES: Geeks' Picks

Portability was the theme of G4's Best of the Best awards Tuesday night. The website, which covers the gadget and games culture, put the spotlight on devices that were slim, small and sleek. With a couple Sd9of exceptions, most of these devices could all fit into a single backpack. Panasonic's new HD camcorder, for example, is about the size of a can of Red Bull. Archos_705_wifi_34_3

Also featured was a combination cell phone and movie projector called Pico by Texas Instruments, as was Sony's 11-inch organic light-emitting diode (OLED), which has the width of three credit cards.

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CES Video: Monster Cable finds the beat

Monster Cable drew a decent-size crowd for its news conference today, as rumors swirled around the Web about what the big announcement could be. (Some thought it might be a new music service to rival iTunes.)

Noel Lee, a.k.a. the "Head Monster," rolled up on a red Segway scooter first to extol the merits of some new additions to the HDMI cable family and a deal with Disney to help the masses figure out proper cabling in a high-def/low-understanding world.

Lee also scooted back and forth across the stage excitedly describing the new ScreenClean products for mobile accessories (cellphones, cameras and MP3 players), as well as Monster Power that is power line control-friendly, Outlets to Go with USB integration and a host of iPhone accessories that he raced through at the end.

That's all well and good, but that was hardly the product folks throughout the hip-hop blogosphere have been speculating about.

The big draw strutted up like a prizefighter in a plume of wicked bass: It was Dr. Dre. 

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