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Moving to a new blog

August 21, 2008 |  5:09 pm

Jon Healey, Los Angeles Times, Bit Player Hi, all. Bit Player has changed locations. Since Aug. 18, I've been writing for the Times' Technology blog. Sign up for the RSS feed -- -- and get the work of seven great news reporters in addition to my lame posts. Such a deal! Alternatively, if you're interested only my windy commentaries about copyright law, DRM, secure pathways to the TV set and the like, you can check the index of new Bit Player posts periodically.

I've really enjoyed running this blog for two years (thanks again, Michael, for making it happen), but have known for some time that it worked best when it wasn't a solo gig. So although there are things I'll miss about this particular corner of, such as the Now Playing picks and the eviscerating put-downs of commenter Dwayne Hoobler, I think everybody wins with the Times' having one unified blog covering this stuff instead of two separate ones. (Granted, there's still Web Scout....) Unlike erstwhile copyright-law blogger extraordinaire Bill Patry, I won't have to be talked into leaving my archives in place. They'll all remain here, at least until Sam sells the building.

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