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More on campus attitudes

February 21, 2008 |  5:54 pm

Jonathan Lamy, a spokesman for the RIAA, responded to my previous post with a chart showing a sharp decline in the number of infringement notices sent to college campuses that had been piracy hotbeds in 2006-07. Contrary to the highly unscientific sample I cited, these numbers suggest that the RIAA's enforcement efforts have made an impact on campus. Of course, students may have simply gotten better at concealing their file-sharing from The Man, found an alternative source of free music to replace Bit Torrent and Limewire, or put off their downloading until after Spring Break. But here's Jonathan's explanation of the data, followed by the chart (which you can download here) after the jump:

This is a ranking of schools receiving the most DMCA notices a year ago. We think the notices are a pretty good indicator of the extent of piracy on a campus: completely objective -- we are simply crawling the Internet and whatever we find, a notice is sent to the school.  Because of these notices, because of the pre-lawsuit letters, because of the focus of Congress on these issues, many schools taken rigorous steps to discourage students from visiting illegal sites.  Look at the notice reduction column during the past year.  That means that many fewer incidences of piracy found on those campus networks, which used to have the most prolific incidences of piracy. That, I think, is pretty compelling and a different way of looking at the impact of our collective efforts.

2006-07 Top 20DMCA notices 06-07DMCA notices 07-08ChangeCurrent rank
University of South Carolina91445-869166
University of Massachusetts at Amherst765713-522
Michigan State University71882-636118
Purdue University679458-22114
University of Nebraska-Lincoln653450-20316
University of Tennesee-Knoxville651372-27925
Howard University56910-559314
Ohio University52667-459141
University of Maine4404612112
University of Wisconsin-Madison407383-2423
North Carolina State University3875932066
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire382134-24883
Syracuse University37373-300134
Kent State University363151-21270
Boston University3494257617
Northern Michigan University34430-314198
University of South Florida388117-27195
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater3150-315n/a
Indiana University284101-183106

Source: RIAA

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