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CES Video: Gadget of the day

Taser_2 You know what a bother it is to carry both your MP3 music player and your Taser gun?

Worry no more.

Today at CES, Taser International introduced the Taser MPH -- the first combination hand-held music player and Taser. 

The player, which has a 1-GB capacity that can hold about 150 songs, is embedded in a holster that slips on your belt. Feel the need to zap someone and you can unholster the Taser, use the built-in laser pointer to aim, and blam -- a couple of darts carrying 50,000 volts hits your victim.

And you don't have to miss a beat.

The Taser MPH is not just a gadget, it's a fashion statement. The company is releasing it in several cover motifs, including leopard.

"It's fashion,  with a bite," said Taser International spokesman Stephen Tuttle.

What's next: The iPod gun, Blackberry Nunchucks, RAZR Razor?

-- David Colker


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