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CES: Bill Gates' last day and other best-of-the-Web

January 7, 2008 |  9:34 am

It's Monday morning at CES 2008, and the coverage is already overwhelming. We're here to help you find some of the best by compiling our favorites.

- Bill Gates is leaving his day job at Microsoft in July to focus full-time on giving away billions of dollars. Here's a video he showed at his keynote last night, in which Steve Ballmer, Matthew McConaughey, Jay-Z and others imagine Bill Gates' Last Day.

And here's our newspaper's story about how Gates' last CES keynote sounded a lot like his first one.

The gurus at TechCrunch weren't crazy about Gates' speech.

- Engadget goes hands-on with an amazingly tiny (1.56 pounds) Tablet PC from Fujitsu.

- Financial news giant CNBC tracks the stock performance of just about every consumer electronics maker, supplier or retailer whose shares might get a boost or a hit based on their CES performance.

- Valleywag gets an anonymous public-relations veteran to share her secrets for landing cabs, avoiding germs and finding great desserts at the show.

Keep checking back for more.

-- Chris Gaither, LAT technology editor

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