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Video games, iPhones....

June 27, 2007 |  4:46 am

In today's LA Times:

Like many a Hollywood release, video games based on movies typically sell well despite drawing raspberries from critics. Alex Pham writes about how game developers are trying to turn those thumbs around.

You've probably read that the line to buy iPhones has already started forming outside Apple's store in Manhattan. You may find that the guy who's first in that line seems a tad familiar. Thomas Mulligan explains why.

Jim Puzzanghera reports on a Senate hearing Tuesday on TV violence, which demonstrated the sharp split among lawmakers over whether to regulate broadcasters on that front.

I'll confess, this one has little or nothing to do with tech, but I was fascinated by Meg James' take on NBC Entertainment's youthful, you-gotta-lovable new co-chairman, Ben Silverman.

Finally, there's an interesting piece in the other Times about MySpace's new strategy for video. It plans to launch a separate site (, a dead link as of this writing) for video clips, and it appears to be betting heavily on professionally produced material. That could help settle the question about what's more important to the success of YouTube: is it Hollywood content (particularly the unauthorized kind), or is it the material spawned by users, often in response to that content?

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