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Online TV and advertising

Yetube_icon Today's LA Times had a quartet of stories devoted to online TV and advertising issues. In no particular order:

Meg James holds forth on The CW's entertaining approach to commercials, which garnered higher ratings than the shows they supported (umm, not a great sign for the network's programming). The inevitable result: a show that is, itself, a commercial for several products. Hmmm... sounds like the average kids show....

Michelle Quinn writes about the marketing alliance between HP and DreamWorks Animation, which begat the YeTube channel on YouTube. (Click here to see a YeTube video that conveys what it's like to interview someone from Apple.)

Dawn Chmielewski tells of the impending rise of Stevie Ryan (a.k.a. Little Loca) from YouTube star to reality TV host. That is a move up, right? Right?

And Alana Semuels reports on Web advertising agency 24/7 Real Media getting snapped up by the world's second-largest advertising firm, WPP Group.



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