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Advertising news from Fox, TiVo, YouTube & Joost

There are a bunch of interesting technology-meets-advertising stories on the Web this morning. In no particular order:

MediaDailyNews reports that Fox has developed technology to update advertisements in time-shifted TV shows. It's talking to TiVo about testing the technology, which would allow DVRs to insert more up-to-date ads into recorded programs. Few details were offered, but it sounded like new ads (probably from the same advertisers) would be inserted into programs nightly. The point is to ease concerns that advertisers have about time-shifting, which is growing in popularity as DVRs proliferate (now in more than 17% of U.S. homes, according to a recent Nielsen survey). Of course, if viewers are skipping commercials as a matter of course, updating won't be much help.

Red Herring, meanwhile, reports that YouTube is getting plans together to add commercials to its videos. Look for quick spots before the video rolls, then longer ones after -- plus, possibly, interstitials. The obvious question is whether YouTube's efforts to monetize its massive audience will drive that audience to someone who isn't trying so hard to make money.

Finally, OnlineMediaDaily reports that p2p TV service Joost has lined up an all-star cast of advertisers, including some of the biggest agencies (such as Interpublic, Omnicom and Publicis) and brands (including Proctor & Gamble, Coca Cola, Microsoft and Nike). This is the kind of mainstream backing that Joost's p2p forebears (i.e., Kazaa) never attracted. Looks like protecting copyrights -- and giving partners the ability to control their own ad sales -- is good for business, at least as far as Joost is concerned.


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