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Jobs: This is what passes for a recovery? [Ted Rall cartoon]

There are even more crappier jobs than last year for recent college graduates in California and around the United States. This is what passes for a recovery?


Excuse me, my tattoo is ringing

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The battle over tax proposals hits the airwaves

Photo: Ted Rall cartoon. Credit: For The Times

Next train to LAX: 2,325,002 minutes [Ted Rall cartoon]


After years of waiting, Angelenos finally get approval to extend the Metro system to the airport.


Transportation bill gridlock

Photo gallery: Ted Rall cartoons

Which political force is more powerful: gas prices or optimism?

Cartoon: Ted Rall / For The Times

Where will lion hunter Daniel Richards go next? [Rall cartoon]

California Fish and Game Commission President Daniel W. Richards shot and ate a mountain lion in Idaho, where it's legal. Cartoonist Ted Rall wonders: Where will he go next?


Fish and Game's lion hunter

Photo gallery: Ted Rall cartoons

Mountain lions like their fast food in the forest

Controlling wolves: War on wildlife or basic necessity?

Florida's Burmese pythons: Will they make a meal out of (gulp) us?

Cartoon: Ted Rall / For The Times

How L.A. can become the country's most corrupt region [Ted Rall cartoon]

A University of Illinois study finds that Los Angeles is the second-most-corrupt region in the United States.

In his Sunday column, Steve Lopez names names, pointing to specific public officials and departments that earned L.A. this dubious ranking. Lopez writes:

[I] think a better explanation for our current rot is that if you're a scheming public official in Los Angeles, stealing everything that isn't nailed to the wall is a breeze. Too many people aren't paying attention and can't be bothered to vote, which allows sleazy opportunists to easily build fiefdoms. And journalists can't bag every skunk, no matter how much we'd like to.

Above is cartoonist Ted Rall's take. And below are a few pieces by The Times' editorial board highlighting our city's most recent offenses.


Trutanich: I am a liar

Ripping off Los Angeles

L.A. DWP's gold-plated jobs

Photo gallery: Ted Rall cartoons

--Alexandra Le Tellier

Cartoon: Ted Rall / For The Times

Oscar contenders for 2013



Stealing Oscar

Hollywood in black and white

Academy Awards: It's about art, not political correctness

--Drawings and text by Steve Brodner / For The Times

The Kobe and Vanessa Bryant approach to relationships [Rall cartoon]

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant seem to be heading toward a bizarre combination: marital bliss coupled with legal (financial) divorce. In his weekly cartoon, Ted Rall imagines where else such odd -- yet beneficial -- arrangements are taking place, from the campaign trail to Afghanistan. Are Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum secretly on the same team? Does President Obama have an arrangement with the Taliban we don't know about -- is the "legal war" for show? Rall's take: "It's very weird -- but a relief from the usual arrangement: legal marriage/de facto estrangement."


Photo gallery: Ted Rall cartoons

The Dow is climbing! The Dow is climbing!

Photos: The vernacular landscape of medical marijuana dispensaries

-- Alexandra Le Tellier

Cartoon: Ted Rall / For The Times

Pension spiking: Turning sick days into retirement pay [Ted Rall]

Cartoonist Ted Rall looks at the issue of pension spiking

"Some California officials are allowed to bank massive numbers of sick days -- including one who retired with 35 years' worth."

Cartoonist Ted Rall is referring to John Sandbrook, a retired University of California administrator, who, as Paul Pringle and Rong-Gong Lin II reported, "used the sick leave allotment for most of his university career to boost his annual pension by $655 a month for life, to nearly $183,000."

Some will argue that our tax money shouldn't go toward boosting an already generous pension. Rall puts out an additional issue up for debate: What's the most honest way of fulfilling one's public trust?


Paying the tax piper

Photo gallery: More Ted Rall cartoons

Mitt Romney picks the wrong fight over the auto bailout

-- Alexandra Le Tellier

Cartoon: Ted Rall / For The Times

Valentine's Day: Symbiotic love connection


This Valentine's Day, a look at the "love" relationships between various creatures.


My Furry Valentine

Grammy Awards shouldn't have celebrated Chris Brown

Westminster: Malibu's wire fox terrier Eira goes for the double-crown

--Olivia Russin / For The Times

Olivia Russin is an illustrator and cartoonist in New York.

To ease overcrowding in L.A. jails, send inmates to 'Guantanamoon' [Ted Rall cartoon]

What are we to do about overcrowding in our jails? State Sen. Tony Strickland (R-Moorpark) has an idea. He recently drafted SB 983, which would allow counties to export prisoners to other states. Strickland's heart may be in the right place, but cartoonist Ted Rall couldn't help but poke fun at the proposal. (Newt Gingrich is totally going to be jealous that he didn't come up with the concept of 'Guantanamoon' first.) 


Photo gallery: More Ted Rall cartoons

Impounding unlicensed drivers' cars: A matter of life and death

Roseanne for pres: A chicken in every bucket, a pie in every face

--Alexandra Le Tellier

Cartoon: Ted Rall / For The Times

The energy industry's disturbing influence on politics [Ted Rall cartoon]


In a disturbing display of the energy industry's influence on politics, Gov. Jerry Brown fired a top regulator for refusing to loosen environmental regulations on a risky method of oil extraction.


Photos: Ted Rall cartoons

Sarah Palin's attack on the GOP establishment

Food stamps and the right to make unhealthy decisions

--Ted Rall / For The Times



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