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2011's top 10 political stories, as chosen by our readers

When the editorial board started working on our top 10 list of the year's biggest political stories, which appears on Friday's editorial page, we asked readers to come up with their own nominees. Their responses, most of which appeared on our Facebook page, in some cases agreed with ours: the Arab Spring, the Occupy Wall Street movement and the European debt crisis all turned up on reader lists, just as they do on our own. Here are some others that either we didn't think of, chose not to include or    wouldn't dare touch in a family newspaper. Some spelling and punctuation has been corrected.

"Anthony Weiner's weiner." -- George Olivos

"How about the nationwide voter suppression going on all over the U.S. by Republican-controlled state governments designed to keep minorities and college kids from voting since they tend to vote liberal. If you can't win the election, try and rig it in your favor." -- Kevin Duval

"The rising Latino electoral influence and the backlash against anti-Latino rhetoric." -- Carlos Galindo-Elvira

"A Congress that doesn't work." -- Anthony Sionni

"Gov. Scott Walker, Wisconsin -- saved Wisconsin, property taxes went down -- thank you, governor, just named Governor of the Year!" -- Janness Abraham

"The L.A. City Council helping to bankrupt the city by getting rid of huge tax-generating sources like pot dispensaries and super graphics." -- Wes Adams

"The exit of U.S. troops from Iraq." -- Iris Hicks

"The 'Corporations are People' Supreme Court decision. Terrible, lasting implications." -- Trudi Devine

"The U.S. continues to ignore global warming and other major energy and pollution problems. Since this blindness on the part of the world's super power is pushing us closer toward sliding into the abyss, I would say that is up there in importance." -- Melanie MacQueen

"The extinction of the moderate Republican." -- Sharon Stuart McRee


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-- Dan Turner

Photo: Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) at a June news conference. Credit: Jin Lee / Bloomberg


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