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Should Cain put the 'race' card back in the deck? [Most commented]

November 3, 2011 |  1:16 pm

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain recently told CNN, "I don't believe there is racism in this country today that holds anybody back in a big way." Yet now he’s playing to race card to defend himself against sexual harassment claims, much to our editorial board’s dismay. They write:

Some might defend Cain on the grounds that he's a novice politician with a habit of misspeaking. But when it comes to accusations of racism, more is expected of a presidential candidate, even an unconventional one. Cain should put the race card back in the deck.

Readers tend to agree with this line of thought on our discussion board, though some are pushing back. Here’s a snippet of the conversation.

Shame on Cain

Race baiting is tacky and sophomoric, no matter who does it.

Shame on you, Cain.


He’s out of his depth

It's obvious Herman Cain is completely out of his depth by just witnessing his witless and contradictory statements.


Cain’s mistake

Cain's mistake is that he played the race card himself. Rule #1 is to let your operatives play the race card. That's how Barack Obama deflects criticism. He doesn't claim it's racially motivated. Jimmy Carter, David Axelrod, James Carville, Al Sharpton et. al. do it for him.


Let’s talk about the other hypocrisy

Yes, Herman,  you're right.  It's because you're African-American.  This would have never happened to a Caucasian candidate.  Just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger.


And what about Craig, Weiner and Spitzer?

Let's see, how many white politicians have been run out of office for sexual peccadilloes recently?  Apparently Cain has forgotten what happened to Craig, Weiner and Spitzer and their political careers, and two of them were Democrats.

Can you say "hypocrite"?


*For clarity purposes, spelling errors in the above comments have been corrected.


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--Alexandra Le Tellier

Photo: Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain speaks at a Northern Virginia Technology Council meeting Nov. 2. Credit: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

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