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The divorced McCourts settle on Dodgers ownership

October 17, 2011 | 12:52 pm


  Frank McCourt, Jamie McCourt Two years after Frank McCourt and his now ex-wife, Jamie McCourt, began their long, ugly and record-breakingly expensive battle over their divorce and their holdings,  they have finally reached a truce on the most contested issue:  whether the Dodgers are community property.   You can have them, Jamie says.  For $130 million.   The former couple has reportedly reached a settlement on those terms.

While that may put a stop to their personal fight, it doesn’t end the painful saga that Dodgers fans have had to endure, watching their team languish on the field and  the club be put into bankruptcy by Frank McCourt.    But the former couple's settlement does bring us closer to a decision on the team's fate in Bankruptcy Court.  Now, Frank McCourt is free to face off, unencumbered by a co-owner, against MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, who wants the Bankruptcy Court judge to order the team sold.   As we've said before, we believe that McCourt should step aside as owner.   Even without the added burden of having to win sole custody of the team in a family court proceeding,  Frank McCourt has an enormous uphill battle in Bankruptcy Court to keep the Dodgers.   He is as likely to lose in that court as he has in the court of public opinion.


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--Carla Hall

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