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Failing students one budget cut at a time [Ted Rall cartoon]

September 20, 2011 |  5:29 pm

Forget rebuilding classrooms. First we need to rebuild trust in the classroom. The board addressed the issue of how to catch cheating schools in Monday's editorial pages.

California should waste no time reinstating the erasure checks, and should flag eyebrow-raising test gains. And then it should use the information to investigate any schools that seem suspicious. That last step sounds laughably obvious, but Pennsylvania has a system for flagging high numbers of erasures and yet did nothing with the results until education bloggers published a report on the 60 or so flagged schools.

If we don't take these precautions... Well, allow cartoonist Ted Rall to paint a picture of what's next.


We're sure students would be thrilled with this scenario -- until they graduated and learned that limp noodles don't survive very well in the real world.


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-- Alexandra Le Tellier

Cartoon by Ted Rall / For The Times

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