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The backlash against Obama's immigration plan [Most commented]

August 22, 2011 |  1:48 pm


President Obama's immigration plan is sensible and compassionate, writes the editorial board, pointing out several benefits to the plan and reiterating that it doesn't make economic sense for us to deport undocumented students after investing in their education.

Those who see this as amnesty misconstrue the president's immigration record to date. The Obama administration has spent more money and assigned more boots to patrol the border with Mexico than any previous administration. It has deported nearly 1 million people. This is not an administration that is soft on illegal immigration.

But there's a difference between being strict about the nation's borders and dumb about the oversight of those who already are in the country, obeying its laws, working and paying taxes. Recognizing that it's impossible to expel every person who is here illegally, this policy directs the nation's deportation efforts away from those who are contributing to society and toward those who are degrading it.

The mixed reaction to Obama’s plan -- and our editorial -- is ever-present on our discussion board. Some salute the president as reasonable and responsible, while others see it as a move to turn our country into amnesty international. We came across a new dig in our discussion board Monday too, in which one person referred to us the LA-tin Times.

The U.S. should follow Alabama's immigration law

Georgia and Alabama are great examples.  They passed harsh anti-illegal alien laws while they have 10% unemployment.  Now the fruit is literally rotting on the vine while the entitled unemployment collectors refuse to get off their behinds and go to work.  Same with the poultry and pork processing plants.  The jobs are there, welfare and unemployment collecting Americans don't want to do them.  And don't claim it's because of pay, you can make 15 bucks an hour just picking berries, more in the processing plant.  That's pretty good scratch in the rural south.

-- teacherinLA

Obama is anti-American

This is another example of Obama doing an end run around Congress in order to appease a voting block he desperately needs in 2012. Our Constitution provides that the will of the American people be expressed through elected representatives. Congress spoke and rejected the Dream Act because it failed to set the priority of securing our borders first before addressing any form of amnesty. To do otherwise is to encourage others to come here illegally. By establishing prosecutorial guidelines that reflect many of the provisions and goals of the Dream Act, Obama has again circumvented our Constitutional process. This same type of end run was used to invest the EPA with regulatory authority after his "cap and trade" bill was defeated. This type of conduct should be condemned as anti-American, not lauded as a "sensible" course of action.

-- alias4mar

What's the point of citizenship laws?

Typical Democratic pandering to Latinos in hopes of getting their votes next November.  Stop calling it "The Dream Act" and call it what it really is "Amnesty."  American jobs for Americans first!  It's just that simple. We are constantly being told that illegals are doing the jobs that Americans won't do; that is the pacifier we are all supposed to suck on and remain silent.  Enough is enough.  The immigration system is so broken that Congress refuses to handle the issue, border states refuse to handle the issue so now as a nation we have just given up and will once again do what Reagan did and wave our "citizenship magic wand" and "POOF" instant citizenship; that is where this is headed and it is a crying shame.  Why have citizenship laws if there are never any real consequences when they are broken?

-- moviemanj

How about taking care of jobless -- and documented -- citizens?

AMAZING! We have 18 million Americans out of work, a stock market ready to crash, a possible depression, a $14 TRILLION debt and Obama wants amnesty for the illegal aliens and all their anchor babies. I think it is time for this disgraceful president to be IMPEACHED!

-- Delaware Bob

An excellent policy by Obama

Yet another excellent policy move by Obama.

Just curious, TP and Republicans? Why all the extremism against simple workers? Why are you so overwhelmingly against workers and the middle class? Do you really worship money that much?

The Democratic Party and most right-thinking Americans overwhelmingly support *sensible* and *humane* approaches on immigration issues. Most Republicans seem to be caught up in their own racism. Sad, and shameful.


-- waltericon

Obama's plan is only fair

It's unfair to make kids pay for the decisions of their parents.  The law should be that anyone who immigrates to the United States before age 17 is a legal resident.  However, the government should deport all illegal aliens who come to the United States as adults.

-- Ultrabomb

Vote Obama 2012


It's about time Obama's steps up to the plate.

This move ensures his victory for his bid for a second term!


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-- Alexandra Le Tellier

Photo: People wear graduation gowns and mortar board hats while attending the Senate Judiciary Committee's subcommittee on immigration, refugees and border security hearing about the DREAM Act in June in Washington.  Credit: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

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