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Weinergate: Should Anthony Weiner resign?

Anthony Weiner Nancy Pelosi may have called on the House Ethics Committee to investigate Anthony Weiner to determine whether "any official resources were used or any other violation of House rules occurred," but among many in the public forum, the congressman’s already been found guilty. He lied, he’s immoral, and he’s not who we want representing the American people.

That’s Jeff Shapiro’s take, a reader who waged a provocative debate in the comments section of Jon Healey’s latest post on Weinergate:

When you or I screw up this bad, there are CONSEQUENCES, but when a liberal member of congress does it, it's just "Well, bless his horny little heart, a week of shame ought to put him back in his place." What's forgotten here is that he got into this situation because he HAD no shame in the first place.

 Also calling for his resignation:

The New York Post editorial board [via The Week]:

Given that Weiner had more than just his shirt off, it's "hard to see how he can possibly ride this out." If he has "a shred of personal honor," he won't even try, says the New York Post  in an editorial. After his disgraceful behavior, Weiner is "fit only for cable-TV comedy punchlines," and "he needs to quit," now. 

Boston Globe editorial board:

Weiner’s indiscretions involved a massive breach of decorum; how can anyone in public life tweet a picture of his own crotch without thinking it might get out? Wanting voters to move past that is just too much to ask.

Reince Priebus [via Politics Now]:

Reince Priebus, the chief political spokesman for the Republican party, said Tuesday morning that Weiner's "actions and deception are unacceptable" and that the Democrats' call for an investigation was insufficient.

"Either Leader Pelosi and DNC Chair [Debbie] Wasserman Schultz believe members of Congress are held to a different set of standards or they believe these actions demand his resignation," Priebus said.

Edward Morrissey [via the Week]:

A week ago, Weiner could have addressed the media by admitting to the inappropriate social-networking behavior, apologizing to his wife and his supporters, and promising to learn his lesson and end all such contacts in the future. He would have looked foolish, immature, and perhaps even somewhat predatory and creepy. But the story would have ended in hours, and remained as nothing more than a political punchline. The national media would happily have turned their attention elsewhere, with any further disclosures disarmed by a full admission.

Instead, Weiner lied. He lied all week. He allowed his associates to attack the media for asking questions about a story that clearly did not add up. Weiner even allowed his staff to call the police on a well-known TV reporter from his city simply for wanting to ask Weiner more questions. In the end, Weiner still looks immature, foolish, creepy -- and now he looks like a liar as well.

Joshua Green at the Atlantic:

Already, a debate has arisen over whether this kind of behavior should be disqualifying in a politician, and whether Weiner can survive the scandal. On some level, I suppose that the moral, cultural, and sociological elements of this affair are worth thinking through and writing about. But there's a tendency among bloggers, maybe among everybody, to over-analyze and over-intellectualize scandals such as this one that has the pernicious effect of obscuring what I think is a very basic point: Weiner had so little regard for his office, his constituents, and his duty as a member of Congress that he apparently thought nothing of tweeting pictures of his genitals to random women. Does the analysis really need to go any further than that?

But Weiner does have some supporters, and not just Rush Limbaugh, who’d like to see Weiner become the Democrats' poster boy. Here’s one such endorsement, care of Howard Kurtz at the Daily Beast.

What the congressman did was monumentally dumb, as he is the first to admit. He lied about having tweeted the original underwear photo to a 21-year-old student, again and again, on national television.

But let’s review what Weiner didn’t do. He didn’t, if he can now be believed, have an affair with any of the women he flirted with online. He didn’t send sexually explicit messages to underage House pages. He didn’t solicit sex in an airport men’s room. He didn’t pay high-priced call girls. He didn’t show up in the phone records of a D.C. madam. He didn’t carry on with the wife of his top congressional aide. He didn’t have a love child with his campaign videographer, or, for that matter, a member of his household staff. He didn’t disappear from government service with a tale about hiking the Appalachian Trail. He didn’t put his gay lover on the state payroll. He didn’t have sex with an intern who delivered the pizza. He didn’t have an affair with a House staffer while leading the impeachment drive against the president who had sex with the intern.


Weiner's dirty laundry

My Anthony Weiner apology, in his own words

The psychology of Weinergate and what it says about us

Don't blame Anthony Weiner, blame his 'Type T personality'

 -- Alexandra Le Tellier

Photo: This is the photo that Meagan Broussard claims Rep. Anthony Weiner sent her as proof of his identity. Credit: BigGovernment.com


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He shouldn't resign. I believe those people who do want him to resign have skeletons in their closets for things are questionable (or even worse) than Weiners. They're hypocritical if they ask him because they're not blameless either. They're not fooling anyone.


He should not resign. The people who elected him should be stuck with him. It is what they deserve.


No way...he needs to stay!! Let him hang like an albatross around the neck of the Democrat Party...


The reason he should resign is because he called the police on a well known reporter who wanted to ask questions. This is unacceptable from an elected representative. Calling the police to muzzle the press? Sounds like classic Republican.


Absolutely he should resign because he is a Democrat. Democrats always resign when they get caught doing something perverse -Republicans never do.

Mitchell Young

He's up for erection next year, let the people of his district decide.


Weiner should Leave it up to the voters...just like David Vitter did. And Reince Priebus and the rest of the Rebublicans howling for his Weiner's scalp should shut up and color, as most of them did during the Vitter scandal.


He should resign for being dishonest and has proven he can't be trusted because he lied. He is self-absorbed, out for himself and egotistical. He deserves to have bacon grease thrown at him like Al Green (whose wife caught him with another woman).

james d

He should not resign. He should, however, have his weiner spanked.

Statistically Insignificant

Resign? We'll begin to consider it as soon as Sen. Larry Craig tenders his resignation.

the Big Big Lebowski

What free time? He is paid by us to do his work not taking pictures of his noodle.
As we all know, his "wife" is a carpet muncher and it was a convenience wedding.
Throw hisass out of Washington, I am sick of these morons who get pais millions to do nothing.


He should not resign; he's still an effective politician. While what he did was mind-numbingly stupid, it wasn't illegal.

Whether he remains in office should be left to the voters of his district. If they feel he can no longer represent their interests, then they will vote him out.


Do you believe that his lying is just confined to his sex life? If so, then vote to keep him in office. If, however, you believe that his life isn't compartmentalized, that he lies about a lot of things, has nothing but contempt for his office and his constituents, and can't be trusted, then vote to throw the bum out. It's that simple.


Given no laws broken, the issue is between Rep. Weiner, his wife and his district. No one else gets a say. Consider that otherwise, we are disenfranchising the people that voted him into office without due process. And I feel the same about the Shirtless Wonder. Should he resign? Again, to do so would be to deprive his constituents of his term in office. But maybe it would make sense to have some kind of voluntary recall, although I suspect there is no law in place to support that.

Uncle Scoopy

You want a congressman to resign for being a sleazy liar? If we enforced that standard, how many reps and senators would be left to govern? The great helm of the republic would probably be entirely in the hands of that crazy socialist dude from Vermont.


Did Larry Craig resign?

The answer is NO...


Weiner has a hot body. Who knew he was so fit. He obviously works out. We should all be so fit. Some of my friends said they wouldn't mind getting a topless photo of Weiner... with his head cut out of the picture.
Weiner's type of behavior is dangerous; many congressman have federal security clearances and could be black mailed with these types of pictures. His behavior was very juvenile and foolish.


Of course Anthony Weiner should resign.
How many times did he sell the 911 lies ?



Wow... He's a democrat not a republican.


Absolutely he should resign because he is a Democrat. Democrats always resign when they get caught doing something perverse -Republicans never do.

Posted by: Jackalope
You have that backwards you know. Try doing a little research before you post absolute falsehoods.


This twit was exposed by Twitter, how fitting.

The fact that he is in the habit of sending nasty photos of himself to women he barely knows is of itself not a reason to resign, It is a reason, however, for his constituents to examine closely his psychological makeup and look closely into his actions and relationships.

The fact that he lied is another story.

It is one thing to lie and say "I didn't do it" and another to come up with long term and complex fantasies that rival "The Usual Suspects." He demonstrates psychological traits that are childish and strange at the very least and in the extreme border on psychopathy. His behavior is such that I as a New Yorker don't want him representing my state. His blaming of others, his all too public treatment of the media and his obvious disregard for the intelligence of the public in general show him to be an arrogant fool.

His lies and actions after he got caught make him just too crazy and too sleazy for office.

Becky H.

Absolutely he should resign. Republican Congressman Christopher Lee immediately fessed up and resigned when it was revealed he had sent a photo of himself shirtless to a woman on Craigslist.

But for Weiner to lie about his sexting and blame it on some bogus "hacker"and to attack Breitbart and to ask the porn star he'd been having an online affair with to lie for him - he's got to go.

If only he had been a man and taken responsibility for his actions. That is all we constituents were asking.

He makes me ill now.

Miss Cali

Sad, but entertaining to say the least.
Who cares,really? I guess we all do.LOL!
Since the recession started, seems as though men's zippers do not stay(hey,arnie!Means u 2!)up, all the way to the online chats with the ladies on social media sites. I enjoyed the pic of him with the family photos in the background, how stupid! You get caught up and get caught. The world of technology can be so DAMAGING.

Don't we all have skeletons in our CLOSETS????

Now that we are all familiar with Weinergate, let's put the 14 million people back to work who are unemployed and underemployed. Let's start with California.


Al Dente

The sex rehab that treated Tiger Woods will now host Rep. Weiner. They claim they turn womanizers into wusses….the deets: http://spnheadlines.blogspot.com/2010/03/tiger-located-at-illinois-sex-rehab_16.html

doubting thomas

He should hold a press conference, and say he will resign if David Vitter does.

The hypocrisy of the right slamming him, while supporting Vitter, who's actions were MUCH worse.

John MacDonnell

As a Canadian,( yes we allow gay marriage) I can't believe how uptight you Americans are about sex. All of the reality shows( the real world for example) featuring the "average joe" involved in endless sexual adventures are the norm. Every episode tries to be more provocative and its getting to the point that nothing is shocking.
So why would you expect politicians to be any different?They are people like you and me---everyone has their skeltons. Sure he lied about his behavior but why should he have to answer questions about his personal life anyway I say judge the man by his job in congress.

Miss Cali

WOW!!! I just found a NY newspaper on line and read 11 pages of texting with Weiner and some female in Vegas who is a blackjack dealer........nuff said! OMG!

From what I was reading, Weiner must stay h*** 24/7.

He is TOAST!

Saw reporters on the NBC news trying to ask Weiner questions as he walked into his apartment building and he was carrying shopping bags. One bag I noticed, was Candies ( a woman's store)........his wife should be worth TIFFANY's by now! I guess he needed RETAIL THERAPY today!

Gene Robinson

Wiener is so arrogant and full of himself. He has the moral compass of a 21 year old frat boy, He is ABSOLUTELY NOT someone who I want deciding my future and the future of my children. If he has any dignity left, he will RESIGN.

Marie Schmidiger

Something to consider:
They are talking about he should resign.

If you knew he was doing this kind
of texting when he was running for office, would you
have voted for him??? Probably not. Right.


Dear Friendly Person, I don't know you but I think you have a right as any kind of Being you are to enjoy Life! testing, testing, 123-- I onced listened to Billy Graham and he said, "Everyone wants to be loved" -- I think that is true. If we loved everyone on the Planet the way we love ourselves, Everyone would have a good life.

Valerie Eisman

Weiner has not only let down his NY constiutents, he has let down progressives around the country.

But after reading the details of how conservatives were tracking him and warning young girls in May on Twitter and Weiner still did not desist, it tells me he is sick and needs professional help.

It's really sad that this has come out about one of the truly progressives advocates in Congress in this country. But I understand it if the Democratic Party forces him out in the name of damage control


Is that a Hebrew National in your pocket, or are you just happy to tweet me?


IOKIYAR: It's OK If You're A Republican.
ITWIYAD: It's Totally Wrong If You're A Democrat (If you're Eliot Spitzer and John Edwards anyway).

Other Democrats (Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank) and Republicans (Mark Sanford, David Vitter) stuck around after scandals that were worse than this, why can't Weiner?

Bill Schmalfeldt

The central core of Weiner's offense, when you boil it down to its basic elements, is a betrayal of his wife's trust.  It's what Jimmy Carter confessed to... "Committing Adultery in his Heart."  The tools he used are high tech, but he didn't touch any other woman, he left no bodily fluids on any other woman, he was PHYSICALLY, if not MENTALLY faithful to his wife. 
When looked at in that light, Weiner's offense is shared by everyone who has ever pleasured him or herself to pornography while married, who has ever fantasized about having sex with another person while making love to his or her spouse, or has ever lied to ANYONE about ANYTHING involving sexual behavior.
Who among us can claim to be guiltless in this regard?
I posted a similar comment yesterday and was bombarded with replies, one guy who thought I should shoot myself with a hollow point bullet to another guy who, commenting on my 11-years with Parkinson's disease, said he was glad I was crippled and hoped I would die soon.
How reasonable.  You can see many of these replies right here -- http://bit.ly/kIPxE3 -- and here -- http://bit.ly/mi6KF3.
Again, when boiled down to its basic elements, what Weiner did was no different than the things I mention above.  And when you say, "Ah, but his transgressions involved actual, real people..." who do you think acts or poses in porn?  Robots?  THEY are real people.  When you fantasize about someone else, you are fantasizing about a REAL person.
If Weiner should resign, it should be for the reason that he lied for 10 days.  If the House Ethics Committee finds he violated House Rules, he should resign.  And he should consider his effectiveness as a hard-charging voice for progressive policies.
He could do what Eliot Spitzer did.  Quit.  Become a high-paid TV commentator.


Yes, he should resign. Not for what he did (which is creepy and pathetic; but that's his private business) but because he lied about it. If he just said "yeah, it was dumb, but I did it" then fine, he can stay.


Little weiner syndrome?
Weiner wasted an incredible amount of people's resources/energy.
Weiner claimed he was going to be brief and frank because everyone should be focusing on the real issues affecting Americans.
And he tried to laugh of that twitter glitch by covering up?
Bill him for that, then fire him for lying because he was an infected weiner all along.
Fourth of July parties are coming up.
Have the hot dogs and buns for the weiner roasts gone on sale yet?
And btw, whether he is a dem or rep is irrelevant to me. I have no agenda.
Weiner obviously did, his agenda...?


This Weiner is cooked. First of all he is a pervert with impulse control problems. Presently, he is not fit for office and these are very important times for our nation. Next, he flat out lied to the public. Finally, he has done nothing in office. His record as a legislator is razor thin besides his attention seeking, bomb-throwing, inflamatory speeches. Weiner needs professional help or a job at MSNBC.


YES, he should've resigned months ago. This is only the tip of the iceberg where Mr. Weiner's degenerate character is concerned. Fact is, he's been a sleaze from day one, and these revelations are minor compared to the intrigues surrounding his rise to power.
Liberals who feign to be so concerned about our Nation's image on the world stage, have no right to blame Republicans like G. Bush if they allow reprobates like Weiner to take a pass. Not only has Mr. Weiner debased himself; but as an elected Representative to this Nation's highest legislative body, he has disgraced us all.


Anthony Weiner is not sorry for what he did.

He is just sorry he got caught.

Had he not posted the picture by "mistake" last week he would probably be playing his online sexting games right now and none of us would have a clue (including his wife who appears to be more wedded to Hillary than Anthony).

He's a lying slime and should resign. And his "wife"? should divorce him.


I keep hearing that he's made a mistake like the rest of us. The point is, he is not like the rest of us, he is part of our US government!! Whats becoming of our government with all this undesirable behavior? Our Forfathers are turning over in their graves! There is always something in the news about someone in our government and a scandle, when is it going to stop? The bad behavior of some in our government officals is becoming a joke to many other countries, is this what we want for our country, to be a joke? I'm sorry, but to me any member of our government should uphold the RESPECT of the office they were voted into, and such behavior as all these scandles is not showing their office or postion or the American people the respect it deserves. I thought we were proud people, does this make you proud? Sorry, not me!

Emile Zola

Stupid see as stupid does and America seems caught in a twighlight zone, where deception is subjective and subject to interpretation.
Politicians are not the Snow Whites they proclaimed to be. They are honest in name only. The mere term of politician is synonym of corruption, greed and master in second guessing morality issues.
Weiner lied, big deal. GWB, the retard pervert from Crawford, as per Jose Saramago, lied all the time. Even worse, I don't ever remeber he stating the truth, not even during the investigation of 9/11 tragedy where he was the main culprit for its happening.
It's in a politicians' DNA to lie and the list is too long to list, but I don't recall, ever, a politician telling the truth.
If lies were the standard for resignations, we wouldn't have a government. And what about the double standard? Why Representative Weiner has to resign, but republicans are off limits. That senator from Iowa that was trying to pick up an undercover police officer in a bathroom stall didn't. That LA senator caugh with a prostitute didn't. That pedophile republican from the same house of representatives didn't resign and his mentor friends looked the other way while he was trying to pick up minors, not at a bar, but in the same halls of congress. Morality can't be regulated, specially when this "Christian" nation not only allows a coward from Texas to invade other countries under false pretenses, lies for oil and what is worse, a million plus innocent civilians had to pay with their lives for the greed of oil. The rule to judge politicians shouldn't be morality, they all, specially tea partiers and republicans, are amoral. They only care for millions that corporate sponsosrs put in their pockets while America, the real America burns. Politicians should be judged by how they are for and by the people and as far as that, Weiner is for and by the people. Those super hypocrites that want his head on a silver platter should repeat after me: Woe is me. I'm might not be caught today, but what about tomorrow? Stop this witch hunt and rather concentrate those efforts in bringing our war criminals to justice.

Jon Ponder

Weiner should resign - five minutes after Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana does, but not one second before.

Vitter, who campaigned on family values and protecting traditional marriage, is a holier-than-thou Republican who was caught consorting with prostitutes in New Orleans and Washington. Having sex with prostitutes, like sending lewd photos to strangers, is unseemly, but, unlike sending the photos, prostitution is illegal .Vitter confessed, with wife at his side, in 2007 but is still a United States senator. In fact, just last night he held a big fundraiser in a lobbyist's town house in Washington.

If Weiner goes and Vitter does not, Vitter will become the next poster boy for Republican moral hypocrisy in the event that Newt Gingrich, John Ensign, Mark Sanford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill O'Reilly, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Larry Craig, Bob Livingston, Mark Souder, Richard Mellon Scaife, Dick Morris, Dan Burton, John Fund, Tim Hutchinson, George Rekers and Ted Haggard are unable to fulfill those duties in the near future.


All the idiots who want this scum in office deserve him, but America deserves better. Recall the jerk.


I have never seen more softball pieces from the L.A. Times. This is the same paper that buried the John Edwards scandal. Where's the National Enquirer when you need good investigative journalism.


I frankly hope Weiner survives. The comments about how little respect he has for his constituents is belied by how effective he's been as their representative, which is borne out by the considerable support he's received from his district. He may be immature, he may have lousy personal judgment, but he's an effective Congressman and a good Progressive and I'd hate to see him go. Too bad he screwed up, he might have made a good mayor.


He should buy porn magazine like the family value congress do. Grow up, but don't quit. Republican think they can use this 2012,silly will only remain voters of all their follys. Non better than vitner bringing his wife to the press conference. that was holy crap.Did you see her face,this would get the woman vote.GOP ask NOW to accept the use of the wife in that new conference.Will never forget that look.


Rep Weiner,

I thought you were great... However, your handling of this ordeal has lost my respect and faith in you, so I believe its time to step down and find a new line of work. I can't vote you out, but you know that the proper thing to do is to leave Congress.

I am far from a prude, but do expect a LOT more from elected officials... Imagine if a Senior Military Officer were caught doing this... You know they would be forced to resign AND lose all retirement benefits. There can be no double standard here.



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