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Tracy Morgan's apology: Takes two, three and four

Tracy MorganTracy Morgan crossed the line during a recent comedy gig in Nashville, when his jokes went from funny to hateful. He released an apology, and his "30 Rock" boss, Tina Fey, released a strongly worded statement condemning Morgan's homophobic remarks and pointed to all of the gay and lesbian people on the "30 Rock" crew who have made Morgan's success possible. And it would seem Morgan has learned from his mistake. On Monday, he called GLAAD to apologize, but rather than a standard-issue statement, he showed his vulnerability. CNN released part of the transcript from that call, in which Morgan talks about being bullied as a kid and struggling in a family with a disabled brother and a father who died from AIDS in 1987.  "My dad wasn't gay, but I also learned about homophobia then because of how people treated people who were sick with that," Morgan said. Next week, Morgan plans to return to the scene of his comedy crime and personally apologize to the audience he offended. And he’ll also record a public service announcement for GLAAD's upcoming "Amplify Your Voice" campaign.

In an editorial from Tuesday’s Opinion pages, the board addresses when artists and performers such as Morgan cross "a line that seems fuzzy -- until the minute you step over it." Maybe Morgan thought he was pushing boundaries, but he "left his audience wondering whether he is a garden-variety homophobe." And, though the board is glad that Morgan's been taken to task, writing that...

When artists slip from funny to hateful, it's time to stop laughing and call them out on it. We all learn something from doing that.

...the question remains whether Morgan's mea culpa is enough, or whether the GLBT community as well as his fans and co-workers will or should want more.  


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--Alexandra Le Tellier

Photo: Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan. Credit: Charles Sykes / AP Photo, file


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Tracy Comedians have to apologize all the time so I hope it will all work out for him too! http://bit.ly/mc2Dsb

Neal Miller

He should be FIRED from NBC and 30 Rock. He is old enough to know better than to spew HATE toward children. FIRE HIM!

Pat G

Just more outlandish and outrageous reaction from the LGBT community, and others. Why don't we pass laws so that anything done or said to offend a member of the LGBT community, you get 500 lashes in town square.


I feel lucky to be part of the generation that gets to witness the death of free speech.

Stan Marsh


He's not being charged with anything by the Government.

The guy's trying to keep his job. The only person taking away Tracy Morgan's free speech is Tracy Morgan. He's censoring himself because somebody (NBC) has something that he wants... namely his job and money.

He could just as easily stand by what he said (which was stupid and dumb) and lose his job, but he obviously is either full-of-it, pandering to keep his job or both.

Ironman Carmichael

Look at it this way, Tracy: you'll still have your "30 Rock" residuals (if nothing else).


Leave this brilliant comic alone. Truly losers with no lives hunt down and attack comics. Get the hell over yourselves - its so lame. Who cares what anyone says - Tracy Morgan is amazing and if he insults you, stop listening. Our nation is really weakening with such idiotic complaints. Give me a break!


What do they expect Tracy to do...ride on a float at the next Gay Pride parade?

Believe it or not, that is actually what some high-profile gay activist (whose name thankfully escapes me) that he wanted Kobe Bryant to do after somebody read Kobe's lips on the bench of a Lakers' game awhile back.

Every time gay activists skewer an African-American celebrity with their PC censorship for being "homophobic" they lose even MORE BLACK VOTES the next time gay marriage comes up on the ballot. Based on the 70% of black California voters who voted FOR Proposition 8 in 2008, that could clearly come back to haunt the gay rights movement in future elections.

Scott Mathews

Bullied as a kid blah blah blah struggled in a family blah blah blah...nobody takes responsibility for their own behavior, it's always mommy and daddy's fault. We all have childhood issues. Grow up!


Another so called comic that is not funny. How long did this loser stay on SNL?
Another Black person getting away with what they want.
Hey what if a White comic said this would the public feel the same.....Would J.Jackson leave it alone?

Tracy Morgan is only riding the coattails of another so called comic that time has passed.


So his father died of AIDS, and Tracy learned about homophobia that way. Well, I have AIDS, so thank you Tracy, you've gone full circle. Now you've offended a man with AIDS with your violent, homophobic comments. You're just doing all this fake apologizing to keep your job. We've got your number.



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