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Ted Rall Cartoon: How the GOP can get a better grip on California


Ted Rall / For the Times

(Click on the cartoon to see a larger image.)


About those $60 "suicide kits"

Burbank's message to the desperately poor

Municipal worker porn flicks we wanna see

Is MOCA to blame for a new wave of graffiti in downtown L.A.?

Try getting registered sex offenders to notify law enforcement of their online names


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harry Jobnes

The Republicians can't save Mexifornia from itself. There are not enough of them.


The GOP needs to get a better grip on reality and abandon their mission to help corporate america destroy the middle class.


The GOP needs to get a grip on reality. The GOP is primarily a party of old out of touch white men.

They are also the political arm used by corporate american to destroy the middle class.


They can't get a grip. Liberal progressive California is going to slip into the ocean. The voters in this state are too stupid to vote any other way than Democratic and will thus perpetuate the Democratic legislature and their union masters. California taxpayers will be taxed to death or leave the state. There will be nothing left here but a burgeoning illegal alien population expecting to receive benefits funded from a dwindling tax base and a dead business economy. Good luck California!



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