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Ted Rall Cartoon: About those $60 "suicide kits"


Ted Rall / For the Times

(Click on the cartoon to see a larger image.)


Hotel California, 2011

Burbank's message to the desperately poor

Municipal worker porn flicks we wanna see

Is MOCA to blame for a new wave of graffiti in downtown L.A.?

Under the new Electoral College system, California is irrelevant



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Why do you let this sick person contribute to your publication?




Not sick. A perceptive realist.


Rall is numbingly consistent in that he never fails to be anything other than a talentless and humourless hack.

Dona Jones`

One of the best cartoons I've seen in a long time. SO TRUE

Billy BuBB

Suicide instructions are on every thing sold in the USA. tobacco products, alcohol, vitamins and herbs, taxes to fund goverment who, in turn, turn on everyone in their jurisdiction, lighterfluid, red meat, proper way to ride motorbike or drive a car, kid's treatment, dogfood vs people food, prescription medicine, surgery, recovery, the list goes on. soon enough, death will be outlawed, and certainly air pollution caused by cremated dead people (and then, what to do with and how to package the ashes?) (and in what kind of container that won't degrade the environment over the next 10,000 years) like anybody cares.

The law abiding people have no rights and no voice in any decision making about their own future or future incident, yet criminals, even those sentenced to life terms, have to have 'the proper medical care up to and including death; even to the expiration date on the death drug bottle. How insane is that? Kill them after 5 years and save $50,000/body, instead of housing them for 40 years at a cost of $2 Million just for ONE person. Jail, in and of itself is a racket. AS IS THE DENIAL of anyone wanting to do theirself in, instead of toiling away waiting for an inhumane form of death. GIVE ME A BREAK!

Right ON! Ted Rall. Keep the cartoons coming!



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