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Sarah Palin's emails: Annoyingly gaffe-free

Palin By now, we lamestream-media bullies were expecting to have an arsenal of IEDs (Internet embarrassment devices) to hurl at our favorite target. But a surprising thing happened after the state of Alaska released more than 24,000 pages of Sarah Palin's emails sent during her term as governor from 2006 to 2008: Like Al Capone's vault, it turned out there was nothing there.

The emails, released Friday, were pretty unrevealing for anybody with a passing familiarity with Palin's career. News reports tell us they portray a governor who was unusually thin-skinned about media criticism for such a prominent politician (how shocking!), an outsider who relied extensively on her husband Todd for assistance (no kidding!), and a "drill, baby, drill" Republican who was surprisingly critical of oil companies (as long as she was trying to extract higher taxes from them in order to hand bigger rebate checks to Alaska voters, that is). All in all, she comes off as precisely what she was: An inexperienced small-town mayor getting on-the-job training in the governor's mansion.

So what were we expecting? Somebody dumber. Editors, bloggers and producers were doubtless rubbing their hands in glee on the expectation that the unfiltered thoughts of Sarah Palin as expressed in her email messages would be at least as idiotic as some of the unfiltered statements that come out of Sarah Palin's mouth when she's in front of a camera. If there's anything surprising about the emails, it's that the Palin who thinks her state's proximity to Russia enhances her foreign-policy expertise, or who makes bizarre rambling speeches about Paul Revere when caught without a prepared statement, isn't in evidence. Or as Palin herself would put it, there were very few "gotcha" moments to be found.

Of course, it must be pointed out that the publicly released emails were heavily redacted by state officials, with reams of material off-limits because it was deemed personal or privileged communication; who knows what juicy tidbits we might have found had the rest been available? But I suspect there aren't many people who have never written anything embarrassing or stupid in an email, and if this is the worst an army of reporters can turn up, Palin has little to be embarrassed about.


Meghan Daum: Why Sarah Palin doesn't get what she deserves

Who's calling the media 'lamestream' now? (Hint: It isn't just Palin)

Gregory Rodriguez: A political history lesson for Sarah Palin -- and all of us

-- Dan Turner

Photo: Reporters haul off boxes of Sarah Palin's printed email messages. Credit: Brian Wallace / Associated Press


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Amazingly scandal free. Looks like this whole email issue is likely to backfire on those who were hoping to further discredit her. At least Mr. Turner admitted that Palin is a favorite target of the same media who wants to pass her off as a fringe element who has not chance of winning an Presidential election (not that she's running). The mainstream media sure treats her as something other than what they are telling us she is.


Palin may not have much to be embarrassed about ...but too bad the same thing can't be said about MSM types like you. What next..? Maybe you and your buddies can go scuba diving in her septic tank ..I'm sure you will feel right at home.

Carlton West

After the much ballyhooed & vaunted "e-mail dump", valiant Sarah Palin stands vindicated & victorious while malicious, malevolent, mendacious, misogynist mainstream media mavens mudslide into muck of their own making, and loony lefty bloggers languish in oxidation lagoon.

Barbie Palin

22,600 had redactions, 2,900 were omitted. Why were most of them redacted? These are state records and legally available to anyone who wants to see them. Sarah and her corrupt cronies in Ak have spent the past three years redacting all gaffes. Trust me, there were a ton of them.


Sure we trust you...why wouldn't we want to trust a MSM brainwashed drone like you?


The media hype over Sarah Palin and her Alaska e-mails actually played into her hands. To the supporters of Sarah Palin and her possible candidacy for president in 2012, the e-mail witchhunt confirmed their narrative, and that of the Palin camp, that the "liberal" media is biased against their version of a conservative politician. This can only enhance the stature of Sarah Palin in the eyes of her army of devotees.

Vick Gower

Actually, the only thing I am surprised about in this whole Sarah Palin business is that most people are either intellectually lazy, dishonest, ignorant, or cruel. It has taken me this long (!) to realize that most people - especially much of the so called intellectual elite - fall in one of those intellectual categories. Else they would have seen what was fairly evident to some of us. That she was a very effective Alaska Governor. That she was stubbornly anti-establishment. That she was never an easily classifiable ideologue. She brought sanity to a state that (like many states) was oscillating between one corrupt hive and another. These were the reasons McCain picked him (she is much like him). And these are the reasons why she has been a constant target of beltway IEDS - Democrats/Republicans alike. I know I run a great risk of sounding utterly uncomprehensible when I say this: I think with her as POTUS I will get what I failed to get when this same media witch-hunted Howard Dean out of existence. A follower of Howard Dean hoping to be redeemed by Palin - go figure.

REV Wright

Any chance of seeing Obama's emails, passport info, college grades?

How about Weiner's?

Palin: Isn't she now a private citizen? Exactly what public office does she now hold?

DEMs: commie lib Stalinists...........

REV Wright

"She sooooooo stupid.................."

If she ran, how many of the "58" states do you think she could carry?

DEMs: idiot hypocites

Kris Murray

WOW! A typical lefty opinion piece from the LA Times. Now I remember why I stopped by subscription.



6/10/2011... Rodent-like "news reporters" rummage through 24,000 pages of Sarah Palin's old emails desperately hoping to find something... anything... that could sully our next President...

When we look back... this will be considered a major turning point... These emails show a thoroughly engaged, dedicated, intelligent, professional "CEO" of the great state of Alaska. With one idiotic stroke, the legacy media refuted all of their carefully crafted narratives regarding Mrs Palin.

The LA Times is part of a rodent-like legacy media who have dedicated themselves to attempting to destroy a woman simply because she's a threat to their dear leader, Commie in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama.

Bye Legacy Media... Good Riddance!


"An inexperienced small-town mayor getting on-the-job training in the governor's mansion."

Sort of like an inexperienced junior senator getting on-the-job training in the White House?


Oh the horror of it all. Everyone knows that Palin is a bumbling idiot and like those hanging chads there's gotta be some evidence for this in all of those e-mails. BTW - has anyone thought to repeat this, you know as in "same song, second verse" and examine Joe Biden. Or just for the heck of it, Obama's true experience and his performance in office. Nah - both these guys are geniuses and if we keep on searching there is surely some evidence out there somewhere to support this premise. BTW - how was she able to pull off returning ~ $1,200 to every citizen of Alaska, which was due to her management of the state budget? Just look at Obama and his handling the economy and we see just what a dullard Palin is.

Mike Miller

God all of this media coverage of S. Palin is so - bloody - annoying!


Ridiculous clothing


Wow! The LA times is greatly disappointed. How about we get a crack at Hillary's e-mails?

Phillip Balayan

"Observations and provocations from The Times' Opinion staff"

Nobody actually care about your "opinions" anymore. I will vote for Palin against Obama in the heartbeat, especially after this disgusting behavior by the MSM. Just run Sarah!

Queen Quitter

Anyone want to see all my emails? I'll get them back to ya in 2-3 years - you won't find ANYthing incriminating you betcha! Wink wink.


"All in all, she comes off as precisely what she was: An inexperienced small-town mayor getting on-the-job training in the governor's mansion."


To the writer of this article: Your paragraph above pretty much describes what Obama has been doing in the White House for the last two years, except I give Palin more credit for her executive experience, whereas your boy Obama was nothing more than a community organizer.

Keep it up liberals!


See?!, that's what enrages me! The L.A. Times still REFUSES to release the transcript of Obama's toast to Rashid Khalidi at his testimonial dinner, yet they make a big deal about Palin's "thin skin", when they fail to uncover anything that might reflect negatively on her term as Governor!!


What a dumb article. It was already announced that Palin's team was given the chance to remove any private or sensitive emails from the data, so I'm not sure why anyone would be surprised by what was left for reporters to pick through. I'm also not sure why this non-story is being used as another reason to point out how dumb they expected Palin to appear.

Are the media that impatient that they need to come up with non-events to make Ms. Palin appear uninformed? It's not like they have to wait that long before she'll do it to herself.


People who criticize Palin as using Russia's proximity to Alaska as foreign policy experience apparently forget Bill Clinton claiming deploying the Arkansas National Guard as his credentials for being commander in chief. A perpetual problem that governors have is that they they often have little or no foreign policy experience and Sarah Palin was hardly unique in that regard. What was unique was the viciousness with which her attempt to do what all governors do, trying to stretch to find something that counts, were treated in the media.

Tea Party at Perrysburg

Dear LORD, this is an obscenely ignorant and vicious piece of writing. And thin skinned? DEAR LORD, WHY WOULD SHE BE THIN SKINNED?


You have to remember that "journalists" aren't the brightest creatures in the world. People like Dan Turner and Meghan Dumb typically ended up in J-School because they bombed out of real college and because math, science and thinking gave them real bad headaches. But, in J-School as long as you take a left-wing position on everything, you're golden.

Unfortunately for these morons, the public is finally starting to catch on. In a Gallup survey taken last fall 57% of those polled said they either "largely distrust or totally distrust" the U.S. media ... and with good reason.


I am sure the state has censored all the gaffes and the embarrassing ones by withholding them from the public. I am sure what was released isn't all the e-mails from her computer.


Gotta keep loving the Progressive Times..."annoyingly gaff free." What did they expect, Weiner or Clinton? - What a waste of time.


maybe now that Palin's emails have been requested and shown, your paper can show some integrity and release the Obama tape and request all of his emails as well.
I know that you probably need your job and it must be hard to ask for fairness from your paper. But if one day your conscience wakes you up at night and you can't sleep until you treat humans equally and decide to write a follow up requesting for Obama's email and the tape released I will have the greatest respect for you as a human being first and than a reporter.


If journalists want to be respected again, how about investigating the cronyism and corruption of our elected officials in Washington and Sacramento, instead of this poor woman and her family?


There's plenty of very interesting stuff in Obama's background. Of course, the LA Times doesn't have the slightest bit of interest in vetting him. Never has, never will. This newspaper should be embarrassed and offering an apology, rather than an "oh, gee, gosh, imagine that, there wasn't anything there!" There is no longer any journalism at this newspaper.


The media loses once again, because of their hatred toward this fine woman. Shame.


They aren't embarrassing, if the writer is a high school freshman. But if you don't see why this might just be a wee bit embarrassing for the Governor of a State, I'm not sure what you WOULD consider embarrassing.


LA Times, you folks know no shame ! It does not exist in your vocabulary. This article verifies the extreme perscution the left is imposing on Mrs. Palin and her family. STOP IT!




From the last paragraph: "it must be pointed out that the publicly released emails were heavily redacted by state officials, with reams of material off-limits because it was deemed personal or privileged communication." Isn't that what's called in journalism, "burying the lead." It seems most important anyway. And the exact reasons given also included, "attorney client privilege" and "Article 1, Sec. 22, Alaska Constitution." Also, they totally refused to release 953 emails. It would be obvious why Fox News or the Tea Party would neglect to mention this, but why almost everybody else? Trying to bait her into running?

touchdown tony

Is this what you losers call an apology ? You may all crawl back to your sewers now,


Let’s secede Alaska! Speaking of emails, there are older ones showing the Palin clan comes from the loony wing. Instead of poring through the recent dump (which included over 2,000 redacted emails and 953 completely blacked out) we can re-visit a series of emails leaked to CBS News after the presidential election between Palin and top McCain aide Steve Schmidt. The episode started when reports surfaced during the campaign about Palin's relationship with members of the Alaska Independence Party. The AIP platform calls for a vote giving Alaskans the option to secede from the United States. It was reported that Todd Palin was a registered member of the AIP from 1995 to 2002 and that Governor Palin had videotaped a greeting for the party's 2008 convention. Palin panicked, feeling her spot on the ticket was in jeopardy. She emailed Schmidt, "That's not part of their platform and he was only a “member” bc independent alaskans too often check that “Alaska Independent" box on voter registrations thinking it just means non partisan. He caught his error when changing our address and checked the right box. I still want it fixed." Palin was attempting to bend the facts to fit neatly into her version of events. The box on the voter registration in Alaska doesn't even mention "Independent" or "Alaska Independent" or "Independent Alaskan.” It says only "Alaskan Independence Party" and no Alaskan is going to confuse the Alaskan Independence Party with being non-partisan. But pretending those choices were on the registration would make an error seem more plausible and clear Todd Palin of the charge. McCain’s staff (not fooled) was already horrified at Palin’s selection, beginning to despise her and think she was a lazy wack-job. Now, irritated by what he saw as Palin's attempt to mislead her own campaign, Schmidt sent an email to Palin. "Secession," he wrote. "it is their entire reason for existence. A cursory examination of the website shows that the party exists for the purpose of seceding from the union. That is the stated goal on the front page of the web site. Our records indicate that Todd was a member for seven years. If this is incorrect then we need to understand the discrepancy. The statement you are suggesting be released would be inaccurate. The inaccuracy would bring greater media attention to this matter and be a distraction. … We will not put out a statement and inflame this and create a situation where John has to address this." Schmidt's flat rebuttal to Palin's suggestion was blunt and implicitly questioned her truthfulness. It also previewed later incredible leaks by McCain’s staff disparaging Palin.


The persecution of Sarah Palin will continue unabated by the LATimes and their leftist peers. They hate her - that's all there is.

But make no mistake - the MSM in on life support, so they will do anything to get attention, and dear Sarah brings the most.

A truly pathetic state of affairs.


Breaking News...Media now officially the lowest form of life on the planet...taking that title away from the virus took work..but you guys are there....congrats!


Why is it that the lack of gaffes is annoying? Unless the writer had a predisposition or bias against Palin, the outcome should simply be the outcome. But alas, all you biased media hacks just hate her and so it annoys you. Losers.


And you media hacks wonder why people hate you. Glad I dropped my subscription to your rag. I may re-up just to have the sheer and wanton pleasure of cancelling it again.

Cotton Picker

How sad, Palin flummoxed the po wittle defenseless LSM, again, she's just a meanie. Of course with your boy now running on empty, what do you do now? Oh, I know, get right back on trying to bring Palin down, I mean it's not like you love punishment is it?


Cotton Picker

If Governor Palin should decide to run, she does have this advantage.

Sarah Palin, is the only candidate who has been thoroughly vetted with absolutely no stones left unturned in her public or private life, no matter how personal. This exhaustive vetting has been done relentlessly and without stint over a three year period by, Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angles Times, Time Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Newsweek, Huffington Post, USA Today, Boston Globe, Politico, Miami Herald, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Boston Herald, ABC, CBS, CNN, HLN, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, Fox, also, by many other newspapers, magazines, and TV outlets, too numerous to list.

Barack Obama, is the only candidate who has been thoroughly vetted by, "NONE OF THE ABOVE," not even remotely.


Oh the media... whats amazing to me is that the media truly beleives we are too foolish to realize what they are doing. We (you know, the uneducated foolish masses that so desperately long for the medias progressive arm-bar into social and polical engineering) all know that Palin is being raked over the coals (wait this is the LA Times - perhaps I should have said raked over the solar panel). We all know exactly what the media is about and that is exactly why it is dying... RIP! Hopefully then we can return to the news being about just that... NEWS... and not the ravings of some liberal idiots hell-bent on shaping this country into what THEY want it to be... Keep your chin up Sarah, these bozo's are on the ropes...


"Gaffe-free," then perhaps all of her previous gaffes were calculated to get the biggest bang for the buck. She is nothing if not shrewd.


The MSM is an absolutely, despicable, biased, untrustworthy, piece of trash. You had a completely inexperienced community organizer from one of the most corrupt parts of the country, a man who started his career in the family room of a convicted domestic terrorist, a man who sat in a pew of hate with an American damning preacher for 20 years and he gets kid glove questions and absolutely no scrutiny despite driving this country into the ground. All the while we have an irrelevant woman, using the media's own words, who has no office and no official position and you attempt to decimate her and act upset that your pathetic selves couldn't find a single thing. Absolutely disgusting. It's no wonder your paper is in the crapper.


Just goes to show you how standards-free journalism works these days. The headline tells it all "Annoyingly gaffe-free." No objectivity from the start. The village witch-hunt was bad enough with media gathering the commoners to help expedite examination of the "treasure" trove. Stories were published before anything warranted a story. Whatever happened to following a hunch and publishing if it paid off and saving newsprint for other stories if it didn't? It will be impossible for readers of this paper to trust any Palin story ever again for reasonable fear that that "annoyingly gaffe-free" attitude will be just below the surface. I'm no fan of Ms. Palin, but I've never favored lynch mobs either.


Hey where's Sandy Bank's angst? She sure had plenty for putz boy getting caught out but nothin' for the former governor of AK.

Come on Sandy weigh in - we all know 'Jimmie Rainey' and 'Timmie Rutten' won't same with 'Georgie Skleton'

Lady Jesus

The rush by the mainstream press to bully Ms. Palin has certainly boosted her image world wide. Although I don't agree with everything she says she is a relief from scary deviants like George Bush, Barack Osama and Hillary Clinton.


Are The LA Times, NY Times, WaPo and other dying dinosaur media deliberately using Governor Palin as a strategic distraction from disturbing economic data?

Of course they are, but, as bad as Clueless Comrade Barry's economy is, that’s not what really worries them.

This is…

From Fanniegate: Gamechanger For The GOP?

“The Democratic Party today is a fragile coalition of elite liberals, traditionally Democratic ethnic blue collar whites, African Americans and Hispanics. The Fannie Mae story is essentially a story of how liberal Wall Streeters raped everyone else and how the organized leadership of the other groups colluded in the attack.

“Republicans of course have a few financial scandals of their own that Democrats can take out and rattle. But because Fanniegate offers a clear storyline, identifiable villains linked to specific disasters that have hit tens of millions of Americans in the pocketbook, and is overwhelming a story of Democratic abuses of Democratic ideas, it is potentially a game changing event.”


Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon by New York Times business journalist Gretchen Morgenson and financial analyst Joshua Rosner



Why is a similar scrutiny of Obama such a third rail to the media?

While it's somewhat amusing to see another mea culpa by our resident Leftists, maybe it's time to DO YOUR JOB.

Stop calling rational people asking reasonable questions "Birthers" and DO YOUR JOB as defined in Journalism 101. We all know the unanswered issues, which would never be given a pass if he was a Republican.

One of the main reasons The Times has lost 500,000 subscribers in recent years is the substantial reduction in quality of the product.

Maybe we could spend a little less time on the Wiener man (and bagging on Palin) and a little more time pondering more substantial issues.

Why were we able to get a full report of Bush's military career and his college transcripts but nothing from his successor? WHY?

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