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Rebuttal: HumaneWatch.org responds to The Times' editorial board


HumaneWatch.org published a response to last week's Times editorial about its advertising campaign against the Humane Society of the United States. The editorial critiqued a series of recent ads that feature wide-eyed dogs with the caption: "SURPRISED to hear the Humane Society of the United States shares only 1 percent of your donations with local pet shelters?"

The editorial board took the position that although the ad is true, the Humane Society never claimed to donate to animal shelters and thus HumaneWatch.org is misguided in its ad campaign. Here's an excerpt from the editorial:

The ad is true on both counts. But it's also misleading. The Humane Society has never claimed that its mission is to fund local animal shelters. Among the projects it does fund are legislative campaigns to pass animal protection laws in various states, investigations into animal cruelty (including dogfighting, puppy mills and factory farms), three wildlife rehabilitation centers and two horse sanctuaries, emergency shelter operations in areas hit by disasters and veterinary services in rural areas. In some communities it also has supported low-cost spay and neuter facilities. While some people may mistakenly believe that the Humane Society of the United States does the same job local humane societies do, it should not surprise anyone who has looked at the organization's website that only a small percentage of its money goes to local shelters.

Both sides of the argument are on the same page about where the majority of the Humane Society's donations go ­-- namely, not to local shelters. But HumaneWatch.org, which is part of the Center for Consumer Freedom, contends that the public perception of where donations to the Humane Society go is more important than what it technically advertises. Here's an excerpt:

There's a Grand Canyon-sized gap between what HSUS does (promote a PETA-like animal rights agenda) and what the public thinks HSUS does. And HSUS continues to rake in the donations based on that mistaken identity.

Perception, ultimately, is reality. Although HSUS never explicitly claims to support hands-on pet shelters, it does go out of its way to perpetuate the myth that its primary focus is helping homeless dogs and cats. More than 90 percent of the animals appearing in a recent HSUS adare cats and dogs, for example. And visitors to HSUS's website are inundated with pictures of pets. If donors are confused by this massive spin campaign, it's certainly not their fault.

It's all about the animals, but should the Humane Society of the United States do more to make sure the public knows which animals?


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--Samantha Schaefer

Photo: A kitten looks out of its cage at a shelter in Joplin, Mo., on June 14. Credit: Charlie Riedel / Associated Press



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Even you use a photo of a kitten in a cage for the story for the HSUS. I do agree that they NEED to clarify which animals! I do donate to my local shelter because they do help the puppies and kittens in my area. The HSUS does not. I think many people donate to them because they are not sure which shelters to donate to and think that they must be an umbrella group to the shelters. The name certainly indicates that! They are NOT affiliated with shelters and the American Humane Association is probably furious over the confusion!


The HSUS SHOULD do more to make it clear that they are NOT all just about helping homeless animals. The common misconception that they are all for the homeless animals and helping them diverts money from the shelters and animal organizations that actually DO help out with abused&homeless pets. It's down right dirty and wrong. Look at their figures. More money goes into their pockets than out the door and into the community. Our economy is in such shambles because organizations like this are allowed to thrive. When I learned that HSUS was the SAME money hungry organization that was fighting to promote laws that could very well take AWAY and BAN my pets(reptiles), instead of the cute cuddly organization they make themselves out to be... I felt really cheated.

John Doppler Schiff

The HumaneWatch premise that HSUS is somehow deceiving donors is a straw man, a distraction from the real issues: that HSUS exposes and confronts cruelty committed by those same industries that fund HumaneWatch.

HumaneWatch -- also known as the Center for Consumer Freedom -- is a deceptive front group that protects unhealthy, unsafe, and inhumane industry practices. Part of that campaign is the demonization of animal welfare organizations such as the HSUS, by branding them as "animal rights extremists" and trying to cast doubt on their motives.

HSUS donors are not misled. The animals appearing in HSUS advertisements were rescued by HSUS during disaster relief operations, puppy mill and hoarder rescues, undercover investigations, and dogfighting busts. And at no time do the advertisements suggest that donations fund shelters, although the HSUS does run a wide variety of campaigns, promotions, and services on behalf of animal sheltering professionals.

Is it deceptive for 90% of those animals to be cats and dogs? Obviously not, when the majority of animals rescued in these operations are dogs and cats.

HumaneWatch's own paid survey revealed that 77% of respondents had a favorable view of the HSUS -- a fact that HumaneWatch is considerably less eager to disclose. Furthermore, the respondents in the survey commissioned by HumaneWatch were not HSUS donors, but rather a random sampling of people who may know nothing about animal welfare groups and may never donate to them. HumaneWatch draws faulty conclusions about a subset of respondents based on the responses of the entire group.

Put another way, if you survey voters and 60% approve of President Obama, can you conclude that 60% of Republican voters share that approval? No, you cannot.

HumaneWatch has employed that same erroneous reasoning to its conclusion that HSUS donors are clueless about how their donations are used to help animals.

It bears noting that the HSUS tax returns and financial statements are available for public inspection on their website. HumaneWatch -- or rather, the CCF -- goes to great lengths to conceal their financial information. For a group that clamors for transparency, their operations are surprisingly opaque.

Fortunately, CCF's tax returns are available at http://humanewatch.info/blog/library/ , along with the other industry-funded "nonprofits" run by DC lobbyist Richard Berman. A quick glance at the numbers reveals that in 2008, 92% of CCF's tax-exempt corporate "donations" were funneled into the hands of its creator, Richard Berman, where they quietly disappeared. In 2009, 86% of the "donations" were diverted to an unrelated union-busting organization run by Berman, with several million dollars being siphoned off as Berman's "management fees" along the way.

The HSUS stands proudly as one of the strongest advocates for the protection of animals from cruelty. HumaneWatch/CCF, on the other hand, has a long history of deceit, lies, and profiting from attacks on legitimate charities such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

As always, consider the source.


Two points:

First, how do we know that donors to the HSUS are deceived about what it does? Perhaps the general public doesn't know that the HSUS doesn't fund the operating costs of local shelters, but most of the general public has never visited their local shelter or logged onto the HSUS website.

Donors, on the other hand, have likely researched what they are donating to. I donate to the HSUS and know exactly its role in the animal welfare system. The polls that HumaneWatch keeps referring to are of the general public, not of donors. Until I see a poll of donors showing they are mistaken about what their donations do, I can't take this seriously.

Second, the HSUS does not mislead people as to what their purpose is. It says right on the About Us page of their website what they do. "We work to reduce suffering and improve the lives of all animals by advocating for better laws; investigating animal cruelty; conducting campaigns to reform industries; performing animal rescue and emergency response; and providing care to animals through our sanctuaries, emergency shelters, wildlife rehabilitation centers, and clinics."

Nowhere does the HSUS claim to fund local shelters. Funding the operating costs of all 5000 local shelters in the country is beyond the capacity of any one organization, no matter how large. Local shelters are the local responsibility, and people should donate to them.

What the HSUS does is step in on national issues of animal welfare that are beyond the capacity of local shelters. That includes large scale rescues such as 700 cats from the largest hoarding situation in U.S. history in Florida, or 300 dogs from a puppy mill in North Carolina. The HSUS does one of these rescues just about every week.

HumaneWatch complains because most of the pictures in HSUS commercials are of dogs and cats. So what? These photos are all of animals in one of the HSUS's own rescue operations. Of course they are mostly dogs and cats!! It is local shelters that ask the HSUS to come in and help them with rescues.

Was HumaneWatch expecting factory farmers to invite the HSUS in to help rescue their pigs in gestation crates, chickens in battery cages, or calves in veal crates?? The idea is ridiculous. What the HSUS does to help farm animals is to work for laws against intensive forms of confinement -- not against all agriculture, but just against certain types of inhumane confinement of the animals.

And that's where HumaneWatch comes in. HumaneWatch is nothing more than a smear campaign paid by agribiz and meat industries to stop the HSUS from working for laws that they think will affect their profits. They are too short-sighted to see that most people want to eat animals that have been treated humanely, and that their profits would actually be helped by switching to more humane forms of production.

Instead, they pay HumaneWatch to damage the reputation of the HSUS on the straw issue that the HSUS doesn't pay operating costs of all local shelters. Well, so what? The HSUS has an important role to play in working on behalf of all animals. The only role HumaneWatch has to play is in tearing down animal protection so people who exploit animals for a living can make even greater profits.

Which side would you choose? The answer was apparent to the LA Times editorial board, and is apparent to most people with any common sense.

Ginny P.

This is not the only deceptive tactic HSUS uses. Have you seen the beautiful white baby seals in the donation campaign to stop seal hunting ? What they don't tell you is that it's already illegal to kill the white coats. They ran a donation drive to "help the Vick dogs" when they never had a single Vick dog in their care & recommended, along with PeTA, that they should all be killed. They also begged for money to help a horribly injured Pit Bull named Fay. They used her picture & story over & over. It was eventually revealed they did not have Fay & weren't paying a penny toward her care. After public uproar they gave $5,000 to the rescue trying to save Fay. HSUS loves to film their so-called "rescues" but what they don't tell you is the animals then get dumped in local shelters, where in a recent "rescue" dogs were killed in a gas chamber, while HSUS pockets all the donations. These are just a few examples of HSUS truth. Google Mouse the Obama parade horse or how HSUS wants to ban "exotic" ownership. "Exotics" include pets like parakeets, tropical fish, canaries, etc. Google horse slaughter & find out why horses are now shipped to Mexico in torturous conditions & slaughtered without humane standards. Educate yourself. If you're anything like I was you're in for a huge eye opening shock.


Humanewatch complains that the HSUS has pictures of puppies and kittens in their ads -- yet Humanewatch uses all photos of cute puppies and kittens to build its own membership on Facebook.

How hypocritical can you get?? Most of Humanewatch's followers think it is an animal welfare organization, but it has never given one red cent to a help a single animal anywhere.

How can people be so stupid?


Unfortunately, the HSUS is a lobbying organization that treads a fine line between animal rights and animal welfare, depending on what side of the fence you are on. The public is led to believe that they are an animal welfare organization, yet their actions are consistent with animal rights activism.

I think actions speak louder than words. The fact that the HSUS contributes next to nothing to REAL humane societies is impossible to refute, and difficult to justify. I don't pass up any opportunity to get the truth out there, even if it's just one person at a time. I just wish there was a way to expose their deceptive practices on a wide scale.

And by the way, I am a blue-collar worker in a non-agriculture job, so I have no reason to be biased. I just look at the facts and come to a logical conclusion.


You are so right Ginny P.


Please dont forget all the donations for the animals of Katrina in New Orleans...

John Doppler Schiff

Ginny P's comments are typical of the ignorance and misinformation that HumaneWatch promotes and thrives on.

HSUS does not oppose keeping parakeets, finches or canaries as pets, and even offers information for the care and enjoyment of these birds.

HSUS contributed $5000 and agreed to pay for Fay's surgeries, but tragically, Fay died during one of those surgical procedures.

Local shelters are willing partners with the HSUS on large scale animal rescues, and animals are NEVER "dumped" on them. It is a partnership through the HSUS' Emergency Shelter Partner Program. HSUS does not control or operate the local shelters, and therefore does not dictate the shelters' decisions on whether a given dog must be euthanized. Trying to blame HSUS for a local shelter's decision to euthanize an animal is a dishonest attempt to attack HSUS at the expense of the shelter.

That's typical of HumaneWatch, which is frequently hostile to shelters because they are viewed as competition to for-profit breeders.

Ginny's last comment may be the most telling. HSUS is a powerful advocate for horses, and fights tirelessly to stop the barbaric cruelty of slaughtering horses for meat to be shipped to foreign countries. But Ginny clearly favors legalizing the slaughter of horses in the U.S., a horribly inhumane practice that profits irresponsible horse breeders who want an additional way to wring money from the carcasses of the animals they have overbred.

Misinformation and myth are the favorite tools of the anti-animal welfare front groups and their supporters. Don't be duped by their half-truths and whole lies.


Please don't forget all the donations for ALL the animals caught in Katrina in New Orleans... they were not strays... they were not abuse cases... they were not mill dogs or cats... they were peoples pets & through no wrong doing of theirs or their owners many of them were thrown away... but the dollars H$U$ received were not thrown away! They were used to help fund the removal of all our animals one by one.... wake up before it is too late... once our animals are gone it is toooo late to get them back. Oh you don't have to believe me ask anyone that waited for the HSUS to bring their babies home after the storm!


1 - “The animals appearing in HSUS advertisements were rescued by HSUS during disaster relief operations, puppy mill and hoarder rescues, undercover investigations, and dogfighting busts.”

Yeah, after which, HSUS dumps those ad worthy puppies & kittens on the local shelters…without giving any financial aid to them. It took a lawsuit after Katrina to force them to honor their pledge to build a shelter.

2 - “HSUS does run a wide variety of campaigns, promotions, and services on behalf of animal sheltering professionals.”

Really? There is a $25,000 fee for a Shelter Evaluation. “HSUS expects animal shelters to pay $25,000 for an assessment of their operations? Shouldn't that be something HSUS does as part of its own operations? There are just so many things wrong with this.HSUS is super-rich. It's sitting on $162 million in assets.” http://humanewatch.org/index.php/site/post/why_wont_hsus_do_this_for_free/

3 - “HumaneWatch's own paid survey revealed that 77% of respondents had a favorable view of the HSUS -- a fact that HumaneWatch is considerably less eager to disclose.”

Do you think that 77% thought positively because they believed HSUS served shelters directly?
“In a February 2010 poll conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, 71 percent of Americans agreed that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) “is an umbrella group that represents thousands of local humane societies all across America.” And 59 percent believed that HSUS “contributes most of its money to local organizations that care for dogs and cats.” Both of these statements are false.”

4 - “It bears noting that the HSUS tax returns and financial statements are available for public inspection on their website.”

Definitely, go look at them! Look especially at staff expenses, legal expenses and the amount spent on lobbying. And notice the less than 1% that is allocated to shelters.

“For over two-and-one-half-years a series of actions have been set into motion for the ultimate purpose of laying the foundation upon which the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would launch an “Investigation” of the Lobbying Activities of the HSUS, and quite possibly not only revoke the tax-exempt, public charity status of the HSUS, but also assess back taxes, penalties and interests against the HSUS which could cumulatively total $50-100 Million or more!”

“According to this tax return, less than 1 percent of the HSUS budget in 2009 consisted of grants to real "humane societies" and other hands-on pet shelter groups in the United States.”
Here are some other highlights:
• Total revenue: $101.6 million
• Total expenses: $121.7 million
• Net assets as of December 31, 2009: $160.5 million
• Fundraising expenses: $22.3 million (23 percent of every dollar raised)
• Salaries and benefits: $35.8 million
• Pension contributions: $2.6 million
• Total grants to other groups: $6.7 million
• Grants to ballot-initiative political front groups: $1.95 million
• Funds passed through to the HSUS-affiliated "Humane Society International": $2.7 million

5 - “…92% of CCF's tax-exempt corporate "donations" were funneled into the hands of its creator, Richard Berman, where they quietly disappeared.”

Go to Humanewatch.org and try to find a “Donate” button to click on. There isn’t one. I don’t know where the money comes from, but I’ve never been asked for any. I may not agree with the way CCF operates in its entirety, but as far as I’m concerned, they are right on the money in their attempt to get the truth out about what HSUS really supports, and it’s not your local hard working and financially stretched shelters.

Sue Pacelle

Oh come on, why do you think they rebranded themselves as "THE HUMANE SOCIETY?" It is to mislead people as to their goal. When you say that name you think you are talking about your local shelter or rescue - PERIOD. Of course, the group complaining about them is just as sleazy. They are funded by industry folks who think they can keep their hands clean of the slime being spread that exposes how dirty they are.

Both sides are wrong and should go away. If you want to give to a REAL humane society just check out your local newspaper and state away from "THE HUMANE SOCIETY" can those donations will go to cover more face lifts for their CEO.

teresa smith

My son owns a puppy boutique where I fill in from time to time. My background, however, is market research, where for 30 years I tested corporate ads across the country (print, broadcast, etc.). I am the person who finds out what you want so that I can tell corporate what you want, so that they can say they have what you want. If they don't have what you want, misperception becomes the strategy. Every single time someone at the boutique whips out a Humane Society (HSUS) credit card, I ask them why they have that card. One hundred percent of the time, they think they are helping out the local shelters with homeless pets. Don't think the HSUS doesn't know what it is doing. They didn't amass that budget, with those salaries by being forthcoming.

Sue Pacelle

@DebbieLB you are wrong. The American "Humane" Assoc. has even less to do with animal shelters. They are an animal industry friendly group who has a bad history when it comes to animals. Once again, check out the local yellow pages and donate to small, local animal organizations. If you see their name on national tv or in the national press they are not fighting for the animals.

Jay Kitchener

Nobody thinks they're a substandard non-profit, a money-mill, or a factory fundraiser. People rationalize their conduct when it comes to ripping off Americans by playing on their emotions. Every scam artist is an animal protection agency speaking for the voiceless, in terms of their self-descriptions.

The cognitive dissonance about HSUS is huge among Americans. I can't blame them, really. What should we expect from folks who largely view HSUS as an all-American institution like baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet? It's time we exposed HSUS for the AMC Pacer that they really are.

I'm proud to be part of that effort with multiple groups like HumaneWatch. Many of us have been educating the public for years about the radical direction HSUS is taking long before HumaneWatch existed.

Fascinating that the same shrill supporters of HSUS show up here like they do on the websites of any story, or opinion, that dares to question HSUS. These same folks, who feel the need to hide their identities behind avatars, are experts at ad hominem attacks. After all, ad hominem attacks are a tried-and-true strategy for people who have a case that is weak.

The highly controversial, mega non-profit, Washington, DC-based Humane Society of the United States is finding itself in an increasingly uncomfortable position legally, ethically, and in terms of public awareness of what this gigantic political lobbying organization really does.

Sue Pacelle

Jay Kitchener, OH PLEASE! HumanWatch is just as sleazy as HSUS. I am not here to defend either one for how they mislead the public for their own self interest. That is like Ted Bundy calling out Jeffery Dahmer to try and make him seem like a good guy. Both are sick and both are wrong.

Proud HumaneWatch Member

John Doppler Schiff spends the bulk of his time running multiple HSUS appologist websites and launching personal attacks against many of the people who do not support HSUS. As with those vanity sites, his responses here are filled with inaccuracies.

From the HSUS website: "The HSUS provides resources for local humane societies and operates a network of direct care centers for animals around the country." AND "The HSUS operates its own network of sanctuaries, providing care and homes to more animals than any other national animal protection organization in the United States."

It's no wonder that people are confused about whether or not HSUS actually takes care of any of the dogs and cats in their commercials. I was a long time HSUS donor and I was misled - embarrassing as that is. Many of my friends were also misled. I don't know of a single person who currently donates to HSUS. Every single former donor I know will tell you they were misled, and these are shelter and rescue volunteers doing the work that HSUS pawns off on others.

HSUS does not rescue animals. HSUS seizes animals. Big difference. HSUS has no shelters to place these animals in until they can be found homes. Once HSUS seizes an animal, that animal is deposited in an underfunded public animal shelter where if they are lucky tax payer and local donor money will pay the HSUS tab. If they are unlucky, they will die in gas chambers and by heart stick or be killed for space. What is HSUS doing with its $200 million dollar bank account. They aren't saying.

Contrary to John opinion that HumaneWatch is "considerably less eager to disclose" the results of it's survey showing that HSUS is "trusted" by 77% of the public, that has been an often repeated rallying cry. We have to educate people to the truth behind what the HSUS is selling.

John loves to pull out the strawman argument that CCF doesn't disclose it's donors. CCF is not misleading the public that it takes care of the puppies and kittens in its ads. CCF is not running sad faced puppy commercials to bilk people out of their hard earned money. CCF is brutally honest that they are a lobbying organization - HSUS should be so honest.

Then John pulls out the HSUS lie about Fay(e). Fay was a badly disfigured fight bust dog, seized by HSUS. They cared so little about her they couldn't even be bothered to spell her name correctly. All of Fay's care was being funded by her foster mom. All of it. HSUS did not pay a single penny until the public poop-storm raised by a really middle-of-the-road pet blogger. She praises the HSUS when they do something right, and calls them on the carpet when they do something wrong - like stiffing Fay's foster mom. You want the truth behind the half truths in John's account. Check here:


Misinformation and myth are the favorite tools of the HSUS and their animal right extremist front groups and supporters. Don't be duped by their half-truths and whole lies. Don't take our word for it, check out the HumaneWatch library for HSUS documents that will REALLY open your eyes. www.humanewatch.org


Having read this and the comments - I am making a donation right now to HSUS. Will be my second donation this year.

I donate to local rescue groups and I also adopt rescue animals. I'm not misled as to what HSUS does with my money.

I know that the HSUS is a powerful group that has been helping to promote animal causes and rescuing animals for a long time. I deeply appreciate their work on behalf of all animals, and particularly the work they do on behalf of farm animals which are some of the most tortured and abused animals in our country. HSUS does promote what they do for farm animals, but unfortunately most people don't give a rat's you know what about farm animals.


I would really like to know more about the group "HumanWatch.org." What does this group stand for other than criticizing the Humane Society? I'm sure some commenters are affiliated with the group - please educate me.

Proud HumaneWatch Member

You might also want to read about the case of Denisa Malott's horses. The seizure has since been ruled illegal, all of Ms. Malott's horses returned to her, and all of the charges dropped. But not before HSUS dumped them in a field with no food, water, or shelter.




Click on the highlighted links to view supporting documents.

Proud HumaneWatch Member

HSUS also "beat up" a widower who had asked for help disbanding his deceased wife's animal sanctuary - because he couldn't care for the animals himself.


Again, don't take my word for it, click on the highlighted links and see for yourself.


I absolutely agree the Humane Society of the United States advertising and donation solictation is deliberately misleading.

I used to donate money to this organization until I got tired of their over-the-top heart-rending solicitation mails, dug deeper and discovered I was sadly mistaken about what they actually do.

I now give my donations to our local humane society, SPCA-LA and volunteer with local rescue organizations that actually DO help the heart-breaking animals portrayed in the HSUS televsion ads.

Robb Wynne

Does this sound like a reasonable person in the best interest of animals?
"We want to ELIMINATE exotic ownership, the state wants to control it." -Wayne Pacelle on the Ohio exotics ban that was lifted.
In the case of exotics, which are defined as any nontraditional pet or livestock; HSUS doesn't want to sit down at the discussion table, they want to smash it. If you look at the scare tactics and myths they use to attack exotic keepers it is no wonder many people see them as extremists with a chip on their shoulder and an agenda in the brief case.
If you are involved in animals and have spent much of your life around them you don't need HW to tell you what HSUS is about. HSUS reiterates it every time they "raid" a place then leave clean up to the local shelters and gov't. They see crisis as opportunity and face time on TV. Every speech against animal ownership, every condescending finger pointed that they lump responsible keepers in with dog fighters and negligent scum. Dog fighters like Vick who they have come to love and endorse. Or at least the money he brings in that is.
No, many of us knew about HSUS before HW. It's no slander to say HSUS is anti-exotic and anti-reptile when it says so on the HSUS website. Just put reptiles or exotics into the search bar. You'll find all kinds of lies about salmonella risks and scare tactics based on outdated misinformation to steer inexperienced people to their corner. Every one of those reasons to be anti-exotic can be debunked and dismissed by novice keepers. HSUS need not worry about HW. For HSUS is orchestrating their own downfall.

HSUS- When you stop telling lies about exotics keepers, I might stop telling the truth about you.

John Doppler Schiff

So many flagrant lies from HumaneWatch!

CCF does not identify itself as a lobbying group, and never has. It calls itself a "nonprofit watchdog group", when in fact, most of its funds are diverted into the bank accounts of Richard Berman and his PR firm, Berman and Company.

CCF has a long history of attacking public interest charities on behalf of their corporate "donors". They urge pregnant women to ignore the CDC and eat more mercury, it's perfectly safe! We know, because the seafood industry says so. Sobriety checkpoints and blood alcohol limits are a waste of time, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving are neo-prohibitionists who just want to keep drunk drivers from having fun. We know this, because the liquor industry says so.

Today's victim is the HSUS. They want to take away your right to have pets and eat meat. We know this, because animal abusing industries like factory farms and the commercial pet breeding industry tell us it's true.

Everything HumaneWatch says is distorted, selectively edited, and twisted to portray HSUS in the most negative way possible. That's not a "watchdog group", that's a smear campaign.

For example, consider a picture of an HSUS rescuer that HumaneWatch posted, claiming that he was "kicking in the door" on an "illegal raid". In fact, that rescuer was breaking down a locked door at the request of the owner, to rescue dogs that had been left behind in the evacuation from Hurricane Ike.

While HSUS is busy rescuing animals from abuse and suffering (they recently assisted in the massive rescue of 697 cats in Alachua County, Florida), HumaneWatchers are busy spitting on the rescuers and making snide comments about how this is another "illegal raid" by HSUS. "Illegal raids". That's how HumaneWatch invariably describes a rescue that saves hundreds of starving, neglected, diseased and dying animals.

They completely ignore the fact that HSUS does not raid animal abusers. It does not have the authority to do so. That's a privilege reserved for state and local animal control authorities, *who call HSUS* to request assistance in rescue operations.

HSUS isn't the only victim of HumaneWatch lies. They frequently malign shelters, because the irresponsible breeders and puppy millers who populate HumaneWatch cling to the belief that shelters compete with breeders. They say that there is no pet overpopulation, and that shelters are in it for the money; shelters supposedly import diseased animals from overseas to sell at a profit to meet the "demand" for dogs.

Vegans are another favorite target of HumaneWatchers. HumaneWatch continually attacks those who choose not to eat meat, describing them as "radical animal rights extremists" who are part of a sinister plot to take over the world, outlaw meat, and confiscate your pets. I kid you not, these people believe an insane conspiracy theory that says that vegans are a threat to our way of life, and that HSUS is a conspiracy to eliminate animals from our lives.

Seriously. HSUS. The group that rescues animals on a daily basis, that battles endlessly to protect animals from cruelty, that offers tips on its website for the selection and care of pets, that is a founding member of the Shelter Pet Project, that encourages bringing your dog to work, that gives tips on how to find a good breeder, that runs the AnimalSheltering.org website, that provides low-cost spay and neuter services to under-served areas, and the group whose employees are among the most dedicated and caring pet lovers you will ever find... These people are part of a conspiracy to eliminate pets from our lives?

Pass the tinfoil hats, folks, it's the only thing that will protect you from the mind-control satellites.

If, however, you're not susceptible to insane conspiracy theories, and you care more about protecting animals from cruelty than you do about protecting abusers' profits, visit the HSUS website.

Look at the programs they support, watch the videos of rescue operations, learn about the many programs to protect and educate, read their financial statements and tax returns free from the "interpretation" and mangling of industry-funded smear campaigns.

Judge for yourself who the extremists are in this conflict. Is it the people who work to protect animals from suffering and abuse? Or is it the abuse apologists who claim that evil vegan boogeymen are coming to take away your grandmother's guide dog?



Kudos to the LA Times for exposing HumaneWatch for what it is – Big Ag trying to silence animal advocates.

Jessica G

The only concern HumaneWatch.org has is to protect its shadow backers' profits.

In fact, HumaneWatch and its parent company, the Center for Consumer Freedom, vigorously and diligently fight AGAINST any, and all, legislation that would improve the treatment and welfare of companion or farm animals.

Yet HumaneWatch employs plenty of tricks to grease its publicity machine, and “crying wolf” about HSUS' supposed "duplicity" is one of its favorite tactics.

Yes, HSUS uses pictures of cats, dogs, kitties, and puppies in its fundraising materials. Yes, many people confuse the national mission of HSUS, with the local mission of their regional shelter or rescue. But if there is confusion, it's not because the information isn't freely available.

HSUS states on its website that it is NOT affiliated with local shelters. Furthermore, many local humane societies state on THEIR websites and in their fundraising materials, that they are not affiliated with any national organization.

And while many decry HSUS' mission to reduce suffering and improve the lives of all animals, many are also missing the point: We need to act for animals at BOTH local and national levels.

Local shelters and rescues struggle because many of our existing laws do not effectively address issues of overbreeding, irresponsible owners, animal cruelty, and animal welfare.

As long as our laws do not address the sources of the problems, rescues and shelters will continue to pay the price. HSUS focuses on stopping the problem at its source - long before the problem gets to the level of local rescues and shelters.

Local shelters are not charged with, or equipped to, change animal welfare at the national level. HSUS is equipped to advocate for positive, humane legislation - and does so very effectively.

Those who prefer to exploit animal suffering and misery for profit, and to do so unchallenged, are rattled and furious. This is what prompted the Center for Consumer Freedom to form its puppet-voice, HumaneWatch - to target and destroy HSUS, and to silence humane advocacy for animals.

Terry Ward

Why does the Times feel a need to give 'equal' time to a website owned and operated by a Washington DC corporate lobbyist?

Is this an example of the New Media?

Equal time for paid corporate shills?

Kentucky Fried Chicken's frontman Rick Berman speaking on behalf of the humane treatment of animals?

Is this dumb or what?

Why not give the Taliban equal time to speak on behalf of women's rights?

Please folks, use your brains.

These loons are PAID to bash the Humane Society..regardless if they deny it.
And very loudly they will deny it.

Richard Berman created humanewatch.org to protect his clients...ALL of whom
resist humane legislation for animals.

Rick Berman is the snarkiest slickest slimiest most underhanded attorney around, and he is counting on the fact that people are stupid enough to buy his very clever propaganda.

Slick Rick laughs at you all the way to the bank.

Don't buy into it.


Glad to see media finally begins to see the difference between animal rights and animal welfare. Animal rights organizations, like H$U$, PETA and ALF, don't like animals - they hate people. The also love money and don't want to share it with pet shelters - H$U$ spends less then 1% of its money to animal care (http://activistcash.com/organization_overview.cfm/o/136-humane-society-of-the-united-states). PETA kills more than 90% of adoptable cats and dogs (http://petakillsanimals.com) because it's cheaper then looking for homes for them. They spend much more money to support anti-meat and anti-fur propaganda, and for TERRORIST attacks on life-saving biomedical research.


Stupid question...

If HSUS really opposes animal cruelty, why doesn't it oppose PETA?

Terry Ward

Way to go Alex!

Raving about 'terrorists'.
Such lunacy.

Ask the folks in Oklahoma City and NY about terrorism.

Ask the loved ones of soldiers blown to bits by terrorism.
This is about the Humane Society.

The Humane Society has not burned anyone alive or blown any children to bits to our knowledge.

This is not about your unconscionable insensitivity to the victims of REAL terrorists.

Humanewatch has given a 'voice' to some real wackos...

That is the meaning ...and the result..of true propaganda.

Use your brain.

Don't buy into it.


Terry Ward,

Yes, they ARE terrorists. Animal-rights-activists attempted to kill medical researchers many times. Luckily humaniacs can't even assemble a good bomb, so there are no casualties yet, but some people were severely wounded. Molotov's cocktails and poisoned blades are most-used tools of animal rights activism.

Just in UCLA:

Oh, yeah, I forgotten - how about 1500 people dying from cancer every day in America. Don't you think people who oppose research for a cure are all "a bit murderers"?


Sorry to burst your HSUS induced bubble, Cecil, but Humane Watch has indeed donated to shelters- though it's not their purpose and, unlike HSUS, they clearly state it on their site.
Recently, HW chose two random blog commenters a week for several months, and made donations in their name to the shelter of their choice.
HW also posts a Shelter of the Day, with a link to the hands on care facility and encouragement, daily, to all it's participants to "Donate. Volunteer. Adopt".
HSUS doesn't. such a simple thing to do to help a shelter pet. and it would cost them nothing. I'm sure on one of the 650+ websites owned and operated by HSUS (did you know they had that many? neither did I until they threatened to pull all of their domains from GoDaddy) there is space to post a Shelter of the Day. yet they don't. ever ask yourself why?

HSUS lies. in a recent interview on his book tour (funny how a guy who previously said he "doesn't feel bonded to any non human animal" suddenly recalls his stroing bond with all pets when he has a book to sell) Wayne Pacelle told a Miami Herald reporter that the “biggest animal-related crisis” today is the production of animals for food. Not the over-population of homeless pets in shelters or protection of endangered wildlife, but the raising of livestock for meat, milk and eggs. funny how that never comes out in the sad commercials on tv or the print ads asking for $19.00 a month.

read some of the comments on the HW facebook page to see just how many folks out there used to think that their donations were going to help shelter pets. there's the proof of the ongoing deception right there. and look no furhter than Pacelle's belief, after a hefty $50,000 donation from the Eagles, that his new best friend who he claims to "spend a lot of time with", "would make a good pet owner". would YOU give your dog to Michael Vick?

HSUS is a factory fund raising machine. if you want to help shelter pets, PLEASE give to local hands on shelters.


The last news from animal rights movement - attack on medical charities in UK. These "activists" seem very brave to attack sick or disabled people.


Terry Ward

More examples of sheer lunacy..

HSUS 'fund raises' for animals.


Humanewatch would have you believe that the millions and millions of HSUS supporters are too stupid to know what the HSUS does.

Does HSUS pay their employees?
What large organization doesn't?

Does HSUS have savings programs for their employees?
What large organization doesn't?

The radical anti-humanics posting here will lead you back to various websites posting 'facts'.

These websites, and their so called 'facts' , ALL come from one extremely questionable source..

Rick Berman, mega-corporate lobbyist and sleazy wheeler-dealer lawyer who shakes his moneymaker daily for
the likes of Frank Perdue and KFC and Outback Steakhouse and Lord knows who else.

Does this make ANY sense at all?

Do you want to get your 'facts' from a slick DC corporate attorney?

An attorney who has so manipulated the legal system that he is not required to
name the sources of his gazillion dollars of PR income?

Richard Berman is one slick slippery dude.

Why would ANYONE consider Berman and his lunatic websites as a source for ANYTHING other than manipulative twisted lawyer-speak?

Use your brains.

Ignore these folks.

Proud HumaneWatch Member

I laughed out loud at John Doppler Schiff's non response. He doesn't address the Fay fundraising scandle because he can't. He don't address the abandonment without food and water of Denisa Malott's horses because he can't. He doesn't address directly any valid complaint about HSUS. Instead he simply changes the subject and launches personal attacks. Debate fail!

This is not about CCF which John regularly mischaracterizes. Want to know what they actually have to say about mercury in fish, or MADD? Simply go to their website. Even the founder of MADD quit the group over their prohibitionist bent. CCF is merely pointing out that the emperor over at HSUS has no clothes and John hates that. He can't defend the Michael Vick pit bull debacle or the Wilkes county massacre (google them) but he can point fingers and run around in circles screaming.

You know John has nothing factual to offer when the ONLY links he can provide to defend HSUS behavior are to the website that he himself writes. Yes, humanewatch.info is written and webmastered by John. It's long on conspiracy theory, out and out lies, and character assassination. What you won't find there is defense of the indefensible. Like HSUS raising (by estimates $7Mil) on the backs of the Vick fight bust dogs, while not taking care of them AND lobbying the courts to have all the dogs killed.

I'm actually glad that there is a large organization that can come in when called to seize a large number of animals. Unfortunately HSUS then fraudulently raises money in ads carefully written to make it look like they are providing care when in fact they are not. A recent HSUS seizure in Alabama resulted in many of the dogs being killed because there was no space for them. Seizure is dirty business and sometimes the dogs seized end up dead through no fault of their own. But it's sick for HSUS to use those same animals for fundraising.


Regular visitors to the HumaneWatch website know for a fact that HW supports shelters. What HW does not support is substandard shelters that are abusive, cruel and neglectful to the pets in their charge. Most shelters are doing great work, but just as in everything in life there are bad apples. Calling out the bad apples is the right thing to do. I sent $1000 worth of supplies to one shelter after I saw their story on HW. I researched them, asked friends in the area about them and then contacted them to see what they needed. This particular shelter has never received a penny from HSUS. I plan to do that as often as my finances allow. Many of my friends on HW do the same thing. They also volunteer, foster, fundraise, and otherwise offer invaluable help at their local often underfunded shelters.

HumaneWatch does not target vegan or vegetarians in general. Yes, some of the commenters go a little nuts, but you should see how people are treated on John's facebook page. There is a reason why HumaneWatch has 281,000 members and John's page has yet to break 4,000. I have fantastic friends who are vegan and vegetarian. We talk about their reasons like adults. They don't force their views on me, I eat vegan or vegetarian when I'm with them out of respect. I cook that way for them in my home. What we all object to is the crazy vegans who screech that we're murderers for enjoying a steak for dinner - and it only gets worse from there. John and his ilk are apparently unable to deal with the complexities of human contact. I like talking to people with different views, but avoid the animal rights extremist screaming me=mes.

HSUS does intend to removed all animals from the human food chain. They've said so themselves. HumaneWatch has audio and video, just check the library. It's not a conspiracy theory when it's true. What does John offer, his opinion, on his website. Sad really. Opinions are not facts.

As to all the "help" that HSUS claims to offer shelters. I'm a shelter volunteer so I can tell you that every single that HSUS offers comes at a price that we can't afford, or with strings that we aren't willing to tie ourselves to. Those shelter evaluations = $25,000 for a boilerplate report that varies only slights from shelter to shelter, conducted by HSUS, which does not run a single dog or cat shelter. How does that make them experts again?

Judge for yourself who the extremists are in this conflict. Is it the everyday people who volunteer to work to protect animals from suffering and abuse and are tired of HSUS taking the credit and pocketing the money? Or is it the HSUS who claim that all farmers abuse their animals, that everyone who has a single well planned litter is a puppy mill and who need apologists like John to run interference for them?

Terry Ward


Are there animal rights whackos?
But the loonietunes ranting here would therefore have you believe that ALL animal rights supporters are whackos.

What foolishness.
There are whackos in EVERY ' movement'.

Are you 'Pro-life'?

There are whackos in the Pro-life movement...murderers even.

Does that mean EVERY Pro-life supporter is a a murderer?


Use your brains.

Ignore these twits.


Alex, is it safe to assume that you are in one of the businesses that HSUS has exposed abusing animals? It doesn’t matter what they do, HW will find something to harp on so why not just admit, the goal of Big Ag is to try to make HSUS go away?

With your logic of “a bit murderers”, everyone that sends a US horse to slaughter is a potential murderer. After all, the meds horses receive on a routine basis are prohibited in food animals so they are knowingly sending meat to Europeans to consume that contains carcinogens. Shall we quote you on that?

What do you call the people that beat baby dairy calves to death - upstanding citizens? How about the folks using gestation crates or cramming animals into cages so small they can’t lie down or turn around? They are terrorizing animals, not HSUS or animal advocates.

Our titles from Ag’s name calling are getting so long that they are taking up two lines, now. We are all tree/bunny hugging, leftist, vegan, radical animal rights activists, terrorists with the latest - rich culturally arrogant and your addition of “a bit murderers”. Did I miss anything?

HW’s campaign against HSUS has been the best thing to happen to animal advocacy. It has shown us just how far big Ag will go to keep the abuses hidden and try to silence those that expose them. While HW is targeting HSUS, the number of individual animal advocates and small advocacy groups are growing by leaps and bounds (worldwide).

Proud HumaneWatch Member

Ag abuses? Please explain why HSUS shot footage of abuse in a California slaughter house, sat on the footage for months (as many more animals were no doubt abused), refused to cooperate with local law enforcement, and only released a highly edited snippet of all the footage they shot when it served their fund raising and legislative purposes.

What organization TRULY dedicated to animal welfare knowingly allows animals to suffer for fund raising purposes?

Ks2 Problema

I wasn't familiar with this "HumaneWatch.org" -- so I did a little rooting around.

They're an sort of undercover industry trade group heavily funded by big tobacco and other industry groups that fight against regulation and legal oversight of their respective industries -- industries often implicated in both unsafe health practices as well as alleged abuse against animals.

So they're not on the side of animals. They are the side of the businesses that contribute to them.

Talk about deception.

John Doppler Schiff

Proud HumaneWatch Member, I find your passionate defense of CCF amusing. Is that you, David Martosko?

David Martosko and CCF have a history of posing as "proud HumaneWatch members" in order to deceive the public. That's typical of the unethical astroturfing their PR firm engages, and the principal reason why HumaneWatch has zero credibility.

The Stop HumaneWatch page on Facebook is not "mine", but thanks for the shout-out! HumaneWatch was not founded to attack the Stop HumaneWatch page, but it spends an awful lot of time obsessing over our humble group. My fellow SHW members and I are proud of the fact that we have repeatedly exposed the unethical and potentially illegal tactics of CCF's staff, including stalking activists and politicians, and impersonating a veterinarian on popular pet blog to deceive readers into thinking that HumaneWatch has more credibility than it does.

However, the membership of the HSUS page -- which is racing towards the one million mark -- is a much better indicator of the support HSUS enjoys.

PHM, thank you for clarifying the insanity of your grand conspiracy theory. I'm sure readers are deeply concerned about the vegan boogeyman lurking under everyone's bed, and are utterly convinced that the head of the HSUS secretly hates animals and wants to eliminate them from our lives. Perhaps you can trot out some 20-year old quotes taken out of context to prove your point?

Oh, I see that Dannielle has already done that! I'm sorry to kick that tired, wobbly crutch out from under you, but those quotes tell a very different story when they haven't been selectively edited and taken out of context.

The premise of HumaneWatch is flawed from the start. HSUS is not a "radical" or "extremist" organization, because mainstream Americans agree that protecting animals from cruelty is not "extreme". That's why they've consistently voted to support HSUS-backed legislation to protect animals, despite HumaneWatch attempts to justify confining animals to tiny crates which prevent them from turning around or extending their limbs.

Regarding HumaneWatch's "support" for shelters, their own words speak much louder than the official publicity stunts from HumaneWatch. But I will give credit where it's due: the $100 donations HumaneWatch made to shelters last year were a nice gesture. It's unfortunate, though, that HumaneWatch only did so in order to induce people to comment on its stagnant website and to promote its anti-animal welfare propaganda.

That's not what charity is about.

HumaneWatch and CCF are front groups for animal abusing industries. They aggressively mislead their readers in order to protect the abusive practices of CCF's clients. They attack animal welfare charities solely because those charities are responsible for exposing and confronting cruelty to animals -- the same cruelty that CCF's corporate donors profit from.


I feel I'm a fairly knowledgeable individual, but I'm embarrassed to say that I did in fact believe the Humane Society primarily funded animal shelters. I think that's because most of its commercials feature wide-eyed and scared puppies and kittens trapped in animal shelters, no? I can't say I'm angry at being misled, but I do understand the confusion.

Proud HumaneWatch Member

Really John, you need to stop obsessing on David Martosko. I'm not David. I'm an animal welfare advocate who is fed up with the lies and distortions from HSUS and have been for over a decade now. I choose not to use my name because I've already picked up two stalkers in this fight, animal rights extremists who threatened me and my pets with bodily harm. I'll let law enforcement deal with them, but twice bitten is twice shy. If animal right extremists were not so quick to force their views on people at the point of violence maybe more would get done to help actual animals. I have a feeling if we all sat down together and talked this out face to face we would find we have far more in common as it pertains to animal welfare.

I never said the StopHumaneWatch Facebook page was yours, try reading for comprehension. You are however the chief writer and webmaster for HumaneWatch.info. What certain members of HumaneWatch do, I have no control over, I do not know all of them. I definitely do not agree with what all of them say - they are however entitled to their opinions. StopHumaneWatch has it's share of people that I can only believe that you don't agree 100% with as well.

As to trotting out 20-year old quotes, I don't have to. Several of HSUS executive class have gone on record as wanting to end all animal agriculture quite recently. As goes the executive class, so goes the organization. I certainly have not seen any rebuttals to their speeches from HSUS. So what they're saying must be what HSUS believes.

While Americans agree that protecting animals from cruelty is not extreme, most agree that raising money to care for animals that you aren't caring for is. Calling for an end to animal agriculture is extreme and radical. Video taping actual cruelty and then stonewalling law enforcement for months as the abject cruelty and abuse continues unabated is extreme, radical and sick. No true animal welfare organization does that.

And Americans do not consistently vote to support HSUS-backed legislation. California shows HSUS the door then they tried to force statewide mandatory spay/neuter on the entire state. HSUS got it walking papers in Missouri as the representative government did what it's supposed to do, protect the citizens of their districts from out of state carpetbaggers with poorly written, unenforceable, unfunded mandates that weaken animal protections. Americans in Ohio voted for the farm board, and showed HSUS the door. Sure HSUS has had a good run, up until now. But as more people are educated about what actually HSUS actually stands for, the tide is turning more toward actual animal welfare and less unscientific grandstanding.

HumaneWatch has consistently reported on the issue of cage systems for poultry with easily clickable links so that people can make their own decisions. I'm not a fan of battery cages, but I do like the enriched cages that some egg farmers want to switch to if only they could get a definitive answer from HSUS and the courts. Again, if battery cages are cruel and enriched caging is better, why is HSUS fighting the conversion to enriched cages? Enriched cages allow chickens to do all the things that HSUS claims it wants, lets them flap their wings, turn around, perch, scratch, have a nesting area. Why is HSUS still fighting against this improvement?

Because it isn't about ANY confinement system. I'll let Miyun Park's words speak for themselves.


Or Paul Shapiro.


Who says HSUS doesn't want to end animal agriculture?

HumaneWatch Facebook page stagnant? 282,000 members, adding hundreds of members daily, hundreds of regular posters, comments that get hundreds of "likes". If you say so. The Stop page has been on Facebook almost as long; and has less than 4,000 members. The numbers speak for themselves.

HumaneWatch regularly tells its members to support their local shelters with volunteer hours and donations. Even when running information that includes a link to support the bill boards and newspaper ads that HumaneWatch runs (I've donated to both), they tell people to donate to thier local shelter FIRST and if they have money left over, donate to help HumaneWatch get out the truth about HSUS.

HSUS actually looks the other way at individual animal abusing locations, until they can use the "evidence" they collect to their benefit. They aggressively mislead their members in order to protect what is often seen as fraudulent fundraising. They do not deserve the support of any true animal welfare advocate.


I too did some digging to find out who is Humane Watch?

It is really part of the "Center for Consumer Freedom" which, based on what the organization says on its own website, is focused on fighting regulation of any kind. They don't want ANY legislation that helps fight animal cruelty, they do not believe in animal rights at all, and their own website says the organization is funded by the food industry.

Humane Watch has ZERO interest in the humane treatment of animals. WHY ON EARTH SHOULD WE TRUST THEM???????

Proud HumaneWatch Member

From a review of Wayne Pacelle's recent book: "HSUS has directed much of its political muscle at the agriculture industry. Pacelle devotes more than 60 pages of The Bond to animal agriculture -- there are 20 references to the term “factory farm” alone listed in the index. In May, Pacelle told a Miami Herald reporter that the “biggest animal-related crisis” today is the production of animals for food. Not the over-population of homeless pets in shelters or protection of endangered wildlife, but the raising of livestock for meat, milk and eggs."

Tell me again how HSUS is not trying to put a stop to animal agriculture.

Carmen, of course CCF doesn't advocate for animal rights. Animal rights is the extremist view that all animals deserve the same rights as people. It is a quasi-religious world view that allows for no deviation from it's published dogma. Animal rights extremists often call for violent opposition and even object to the use of cartoon animals in advertising - as one animal rights chimp group recently called for. This is not a reasoned group, it is extremism. Many people do not understand the HUGE difference between animal rights and animal welfare.

You said, "Humane Watch has ZERO interest in the humane treatment of animals." Not true. Unlike HSUS and SHW and John Doppler Schiff - HumaneWatch points out a different rescue or shelter to it's members every single day and asks people to donate. HumaneWatch wondered why HSUS video showing abuse to cows in a Chino slaughterhouse - which led to the largest recall of beef in recent history - was held for months, why HSUS refused to cooperate with law enforcement as the abuse continued, and why the video was ONLY released to coincide with a fundraising request and a legislation campaign. Months of animals continuing to be abused. Months of perhaps unsafe meat entering the food chain. And HSUS SAT ON THE VIDEO. What sort of organization that cares about animal welfare and human food safety does that?


Great posts by Proud Humane Watcher.. intelligent, well written and easy to understand. No rants.. not half truths not like Terry Ward, John Shciff and Amy K who show up on a regular basis on many posts to denigrate and make people feel small. The true sign of people who feel small themselves. When people resort to calling names and speaking of "tinfoil hats' you know as an educated reader that those people have lost the argument.
As for the HSUS I knew about their deceptions long ago. I did not need Humane watch but I am glad they are there. While you may not agree with all of CCF stands for ( I agree that moderation in all things is acceptable to most.. while the nanny staters prefer to control the populace) I most heartily agree with Humane Watch. HSUS needs to be exposed and they are doing a great job.
On another note. if HSUS is so concerned about battery cages, crowded farm conditions and "puppy mills' why would they not take some of their millions of dollars and open "model" farms and ranches and dog breeding facilities throughout the country. At least one in every state. That way anyone who has questions about what the philosophy of the HSUS is in regard to raising animals would be easily on display. You know the old "Do as I do".. Not "do as I say". Model HSUS run farms and ranches and breeding facilities would show the world what the HSUS really wants, not the ever changing "piggyback" approach that they use now, never satisfied, always creating a new crisis. If "humane treatment" of animals is their goal ( and I don't believe it is. I believe money making is their goal) then step up to the plate and show the world exactly what you mean. Then perhaps the HSUS might seem that they actually care about animals instead of the long green almighty dollar.
But I won't hold my breath..


I have some questions, why is the H$U$ up on" rico" chares, why is the FBI a breathing down their necks and why is the IRS so interested in them? Can anyone answer my questions?

Former HumaneWatch Member

Wow, both sides are completely nuts. I used to follow "HumaneWatch" until I found how the sleazy past of the guy behind it. YIKES. I realized they were making things up to promote their own misguided agenda and the rants today only verify my concern. On the other hand I would never trust HSUS either. They are just as corporate in their abuse of the system. I mean, you only have to read their name and "new" website address. I think HSUS and "HumaneWatch" (I use quotes because there they are not watching out for anything) must share the same PR firm. SLEAZY.

Terry Ward

Well, now you have heard it all...

The HSUS want's to 'end animal agriculture'

"End animal agriculture"

Can you BELIEVE these people?

A multiBILLION dollar mutli-national mega- industry involving EVERY segment of the lives of EVERY single human on the planet.

And Wayne Pacelle is gonna bring the whole thing crashing down, badda bing...

Did we say these folks are nuts?

This is the sort of tripe you hear from the Humanewatchers over and over again.

Use your brain.

Ignore them.

John Doppler Schiff

My God, look at the desperation from Proud HumaneWatch Employee.

"HumaneWatch Facebook page stagnant? 282,000 members, adding hundreds of members daily, hundreds of regular posters, comments that get hundreds of "likes". If you say so. The Stop page has been on Facebook almost as long; and has less than 4,000 members. The numbers speak for themselves."

As I said, it's the HW *website* that's stagnant, and that's what the bribes for comments were meant to revitalize. Clearly, that strategy didn't work.

And when did Stop HumaneWatch become the sole opponent of HumaneWatch? It never fails to make me laugh when I see HumaneWatch employees veer wildly between cries of "ignore those vulgar malcontents" to desperate attempts to downplay their importance.

Mocking SHW's membership is a nice attempt to distract from the facts and reassure the HumaneWatchers that they have some significance, but the HSUS Facebook page blows the HumaneHaters out of the water for membership at 4x the members, and growing far more rapidly. Our humble little group pales in comparison to the massive support enjoyed by HSUS, and there's your real competition.

Those are the numbers that speak for themselves.

The vast majority of Americans know exactly what the HSUS stands for -- the elimination of animal cruelty. And they support it enthusiastically.

But what do you stand for at HumaneWatch?
Defending the abuse and death of animals in circuses and rodeos.
Defending intensive confinement of animals in factory farms.
Attacking animal rescuers for "stealing private property" when they rescue animals from neglect and starvation.
Defending and downplaying the cruelty of canned hunts and bear baiting.
Criticizing laws banning crush videos.
Defending substandard breeders and pet stores that enable and support puppy mills.
Criticizing laws forcing transparency on food and fur labels.
Defending animal abusers and hoarders.
Slaughtering horses for meat to ship to foreign countries.
Defending unsafe, unhealthy, and inhumane slaughterhouse practices.
Demonizing anyone who chooses not to eat meat as "radical vegans".
Calling anyone who confronts your clients' animal abuse an "animal rights terrorist".

The fact is that HSUS protects animals from cruelty, while HumaneWatch defends those who commit it. Which cause do you think Americans support?

And while HSUS makes all of its financial reports and tax returns freely available to the public, HumaneWatch conceals its donors, lies about its purpose, and refuses to reveal how its money is spent.

86% of CCF donations were funneled into the bank accounts of Richard Berman and his for-profit PR firm in 2008.

In 2009, 93% of donations were diverted into union-busting efforts to fight minimum wage increases and health benefits for workers.

Over three years, Berman & Company published more than 1,000 astroturfing letters to the editor in order to transfer money from Berman's "nonprofits" to the bank accounts of his privately owned PR firm.

These are not myths and innuendo like CCF's "vegan boogeyman" conspiracy theory. These are cold, hard facts straight from their Form 990 tax returns.

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