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Most commented: Our readers' Weiner obsession

WeinerThe Anthony Weiner scandal has some people asking: Is this actually news? Even our editorial on the subject of Weinergate  began with an admission:

We really, really don't want to be writing about Weinergate. Seriously. The travails of Rep. Anthony Weiner seem so much like a piece of here-today, gone-tomorrow political theater, a manufactured controversy just titillating enough to keep the Twittersphere thrumming, that we'd rather not add to the national embarrassment by throwing more ink at it. And yet…

And yet: Our editorial board chimed in, weighing in on how the congressman might best handle his situation. "Coming clean might be less embarrassing than continuing to feed the media beast," they advise.

And yet: That’s what readers are commenting on as well, with a range of reactions from why Weiner's story matters and that the congressman should resign, to why we shouldn't care and move on.  Here's a sampling.

He's totally hiding something

This would have been a story that lasted 15 minutes if he said 'that's not me, someone hacked my account, and I've asked the FBI to look into it".

Seriously, he brought this on himself.  What person cannot answer the question 'is that your crotch?'  What elected official with a security clearance would not call the FBI and ask them to deal with a potential breech?


The guy has bad judgment

Regardless of his merits as a legislator, clearly you have to admit this is a case of egregious personal behavior and even worse judgment in terms of his response. 


He doesn't deserve to represent the people of this country

He is so obviously lying yet the news media continue to give him the benefit of the doubt...why? He doesn't know how many pictures of him are out there? Has he posed for so many pictures in is underwear he's lost count? He doesn't know what his underwear looks like? A member of Congress has had his electronic account hacked and he hasn't filed a complaint under the guise that he doesn't want to waste taxpayer money. Since when has Rep Weiner cared about wasting our money. He's done nothing about it because he knows he sent the picture. He can't even land on one version of his story as to how the picture got out. It is past time for him to leave. He doesn't deserve to represent the people of this country.


 Weiner should resign

Wasn't there a Republican who emailed his bare chest to one woman he met on Craigslist and then he RESIGNED not too long ago?  This Democrat sent a picture of his CROTCH to several people on Twitter and he still hasn't resigned?

Weiner why don't you resign like Congressman Chris Lee?

Oh the hypocrisy of liberals.

-- JimmyJam

 Meh… Who cares?

The congressman isn't obligated to reveal his naughty secrets unless they're political.  This is personal--lying is excusable out of embarrassment and protecting his career.  Media's job is exposing personal and professional dirt on prominent people...journalists notate these trivialities for historical records.  If newsworthy, ferret it out--Question is, is it news?  And is tweeting one lewd photo to someone over eighteen harassment under the law?  Hardly qualifies as lewdness if he wore briefs in the pic.  Is giving too much attention to this story absurd?  Who cares if Rep. Anthony Weiner tweeted a mildly indecent picture.  Holding a distinguished position doesn't make him virtuous, and ascetics don't populate the U.S., not at all.  If people act affronted over this trifle they're faking it.  


No, but really: It's time to move on

Another petty distraction. Let's get real people.


*Spelling errors in the above comments were corrected.


College shouldn't be a big waste of time and money

Accusations of reverse discrimination

Obama's so smart, he sounds dumb?

The best solution for the Mississippi River

Drilling for oil on our turf

--Alexandra Le Tellier

Photo: Rep. Anthony Weiner, a Democrat from New York, attends the Bloomberg Vanity Fair White House Correspondents' Assn. dinner after-party in Washington on April 30, 2011. Credit: Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg


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"If I were giving a speech to 45,000 people and someone from the back of the room threw a pie at me, I would not let that distract me". American pie!

doubting thomas

Show us the Weiner!


This SHOULD be such a non-issue. And I love how one obviously conservative reader points to Chris Lee's resignation as 'proof' that ALL politicians should run for the hills at the slightest allegation of PERSONAL inpropriety. They are there to work for us, not have their personal lives (or LEGAL personal behavior) scrutinized endlessly.
BTW, I believe Lee's case was a bit different considering he resigned so quickly because he didn't want it exposed that he was advertising for transgender or crossdressing women ....


Is that a Hebrew national in your pocket, or are you just happy to tweet me?


I think this Weiner guy should resign. This sex scandal has exposed his true character.. Less than stellar. Since he is a public figure and paid by our government his actions and scandals are our concern and we have the right to know. If he were just an average working Joe like the rest of us and not paid with government funds, I would NOT give a crap in the slightest. In the second case we do not have the right to know the persons private life.

Mr. Weiner has shown himself to be a liar and a cheat and very deceitful person.
He is a public figure and does not deserve to keep his job and I would not vote for him either.

Mrs. Daidone


Weinergate is important not only as a cautionary tale about the use of social media but also as a further example of the inappropriate sexual conduct of male politicians. For a brief history of such misconduct, check out:


This is absolutely hilarious. Who elected this birdbrain anyway?? Whoever they are, they deserve him.

Nancy G

He appears to be a liar, I don't believe he was waiting for his wife to come home. He has been checking to see just how far he could go, before he resigned. LIE, lie, lie, He said earlier i'm not going to resign(as long as I can get away from my nasty ways). My opinion, Please take the weiner off CNN, so I can watch the trial I have been watching. I do feel awful about his wife.



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