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Ann Coulter: Doesn't it take two to gridlock?

Ann CoulterConservative commentator Ann Coulter is making the rounds to promote her new book "Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Damaging America." And get this: Her message, according to the New York Daily News, is that Democrats engage in groupthink behavior and collectively shut down their opponents. Uh, doesn't it take two parties to gridlock? Unless, of course, her message has an underlying meaning that acknowledges her party has become unwieldy. One of our readers, "GordonSantamonica" describes the fractured GOP like this:

[T]here is confusion among the Republicans.

I call them the RRRRR … Repetitive Rhetoric Regressive Rescinding Republicans.

We are a Democracy and hence need the two party system in some form or another.    Having said that it truly appears that within the Republican Party there are now evolving what appears to be at least three different Republican Parties ….

1.        The Tea Party.

2.       The Conservative Party.

3.       The Who am I and what the heck am I doing here Party?

Each presents what they consider to be the appropriate ingredients in their political recipe to win in 2012. [...]

His comments continue here»


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--Alexandra Le Tellier

Photo: Ann Coulter arrives at the 2011 Time 100 Gala ceremony in New York on April 26, 2011. Credit: Lucas Jackson / Reuters


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Let's think logical

She's like Palin. Once the looks are gone no one is going to care.

Not a libbie lover

Well, it's not like anyone pays attention to the 'Crat women. Why do you libbies love following Coulter and Palin around? After all, it's probably because no one wants to follow Pelosi or Billary around. Liberal women are boring women.


How's this for hate speech?

"My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times building."
- Ann Coulter, New York Observer, 08-26-02

"We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed, too. Otherwise, they will turn out to be outright traitors."
- Ann Coulter, at the Conservative Political Action Conference, 02-26-02


She needs to get a horrible illness and cease to exist.

Eric Bressler

@Not, The media follows around train wrecks like Palin and Bachman because it's like watching NASCAR, you're just waiting for the next bout of abject stupidity that unfolds like a 15 car pileup. Neither Palin or Bachman ever disappoints.
OTOH, if you want a woman with a brains, you'll follow Pelosi, Hillary, or Rachel Maddow.


Why do we care what this offensive, arsenic eating life form thinks?

She just came out with a new book, so that means we're going to hear her make super offensive remarks on TV just so she can sell books to the whackos right wingers.


The Times: "Uh, doesn't it take two parties to gridlock?"

This is NOT what the Times and the so called main stream media reported when Republicans in the 111th Congress attempted to stop massive spending that created over $3.7 trillion in debt in just the last two years.

This "opionon" piece is purely Progressive and hypocritical.

Stephen J. Smith

Someone needs a history lesson.

We are NOT a democracy: we ARE a republic.

Big difference.


ah yes, once again the liberal times writing staff strike terror in the hearts of anyone/everyone not worshiping in the Al Gore church of agenda - and further apply the much needed balm to the illegal, government is my surrogate parent, AGW must be true, our prez says so, masses in LA LA land.

so, who's, er ... how's your buddy Wiener doin ? ?

Joakim Flodberg

I agree.

Joakim Flodberg

Pay no attention to Ann Coulter

Joakim Flodberg

This guy Ann Coulter does not deserve any more of your attention.


The three parts are:

The evangelicals
The small government crowd
The neocons

The tea party alternates mainly between the first two, depending on which tea partier you talk to, and the time of year.


Coulter frequently appears on television and radio shows to talk about her controversial opinions on public affairs, but her latest book is what has landed her in the spotlight this week. http://bit.ly/kLeyud


Liberals aren't demonic. Just irrational kooks caught up in the religion of leftism. Liberals are religious fundamentalists who believe in saving mankind from the human condition of "inequality" (of results). Liberals place their faith in government as the savior to rescue mankind. Liberals have all kinds of strange superstitious beliefs. For example, Global Warming Doomsday - the end is near! The sky is falling! Climate apocalypse must be avoided at all costs. This is part of the eschatology of liberalism. Another goofy belief of these cultists is robbing Peter to pay Paul or spending other people's money on other people. It's part of the magical thinking of the left and their superstitious belief that money grows on trees. Liberals believe in the Easter Bunny to take care of the deficit, debt, and budget problems. Liberals believe in Santa Clause and reject personal responsibility. Liberals believe in the green pixie dust of solar and wind to make us energy independent. This is fantasy. Liberals are untethered from reality, logic, and reason. This is what happens to all cults eventually. Not demonic just fools who defy the laws of nature (like mathematics). Liberals are slothful thinkers that rely on the ethics of sentimentalism to guide them through life. Pitiful fools and cultists.

The Voice of Reason

Speaking of the devil, smragan, your own words convict you of what you wish to pin on liberals. "Liberals are untethered from reality, logic, and reason. This is what happens to all cults eventually. Not demonic just fools who defy the laws of nature (like mathematics). I've always thought that modern day supply-siders and neocons are the ultimate cultists, adhering fervently to a political philosophy that has no relation to the real world.

We've had thirty years of trickle-down economic policy and guess what? Nobody can find a job, and the ultra wealthy grew even wealthier. Money is flowing, but apparently in one direction only. We live in a finite world, with finite resources, and an exploding human population. You want math? Run that equation to it's logical conclusion, and it won't be pretty. Maybe in the ruins of America, 2100, you can sprinkle some Reaganesque pixie dust and make survivors feel better.

Socorro Varela

The liberal Democratic Party and all its ilk ade "DEMONIC" as the title of her book says. PROOF ANYONE?

1.)Historically The Democratic Party was the party of

2.) Today the Democratic Party is the party of abortion on
demand and partial birth abortion, Which is killing the
baby in the 9th month of pregnancy.

3.) The Democratic party is the party of Planned-child-

4.) The Democratic Party is the party of Homosexuality.

5.) The Democratic Party is the Party of euthanasia and
mercy killing.

6.) The Democratic Party is the closest thing America has
to Communism and socialism (Obama's spread the wealth)

The democratic Party is morally Bankrupt.
(See Clinton, Weiner, Obama, Pelosi and Reid)

Tim Bowman

Actually, it is Democrats who started group think during the Reagan Administration, and would actually hold strategy sessions on what to do. Remember seemingly unassociated Democrats all parroting the same line and using the same props? Clinton perfected this with his war room strategy (think eternal revolution - much like Cuba). The difference between the parties is that Dems will use courts and civil disobedience to silence their opponents. Free speech to them means being free to listen to the Democrat manifesto.

NorthernCA Teacher

Fortunately, most Democrats just ignore Ann and the filthy lies that she spews verbally and in print. I just wish that the major TV networks would quit having her on each time she had another "book" to hawk.


Hey Tom, John Walker should have been executed for treason. He was working for the KGB. I wonder if he was friends with the late Sen. Kennedy another liberal traitor that should have been executed? And while i do not condone the terrorist bombings of any buildings, most of whats printed in the New York Times isnt worth the paper its printed on, so if given the choice one of the buildings must get bombed the Times building is the better choice. Still I except your point on McVeigh but to defend Walker nakes you less than scum

joe natalizio

"She needs to get a horrible illness and cease to exist". this is what the libs have to say. posted by an idiot named tom. then they talk about how ann is the hatefull one...very dangerous people.



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