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The Osama bin Laden 'deathers'

Osama Bin Laden Photos Hey, remember that whole royal wedding thing?

And how about President Obama's birth certificate?

Or even Major League Baseball's takeover of the Dodgers?

Oh yeah, those.

Google the topics last week and there were stories as far as the eye could see.

Google them now and all you'll get is the wind whistling through the deserted streets of the Internet.

For example, I tried "William and Kate honeymoon" and the top result was from a site called SheKnows.com.

Similary, "Obama birther" yielded a fairly old story from Patch.com.

Nothing like the killing of the world's most-wanted terrorist to take care of the news' silly season.

Or did it?

No sooner were the birthers dismissed than they found a new cause:  Osama bin Laden isn't dead; it's all a government hoax.  Just check out my colleague Paul Thornton's blog post, "Mailbag: Goodbye 'birthers,' hello 'deathers.'

Plus there's the "clamor" for the White House to release gruesome photos of a dead Bin Laden.   

Among those "clamoring" is Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who -- in an echo of House Speaker John Boehner's  "I'll take him at his word" comment that Obama is a U.S. citizen and a Christian --  said that he himself was not among those who doubt that Bin Laden was killed in a U.S. raid in Pakistan but that the proof would quiet those who do doubt it.

And then there are those who would try to profit from the public's insatiable appetite for Bin Laden news.  In "Bin Laden death is magnet for scammers on Facebook, Google" on The Times' Technology blog, David Sarno and W.J. Hennigan wrote:   

One Facebook posting appearing to be from the BBC trumpeted a link titled "Osama bin Laden Killed (LIVE VIDEO)." When clicked, the link takes the user to an outside page modeled to look like Facebook, where it asks the user to enter a verification code. When the user submits the code, the link is then posted to the user's Facebook account.

Actually, to those of us uncomfortable with social networking, it's somehow reassuring to find that even among the Facebook generation, there's still one born every minute.

But as for the deathers and their ilk, I find myself longing for the days when Walter Cronkite signed off his newscast each night intoning "And that's the way it is" -- and Americans actually believed him.


Al Qaeda without its leader

Regretting Bin Laden's death

Global terrorism: The battle isn't over yet

Gregory Rodriguez from ground zero: America reboots

Debate: Is it appropriate to rejoice at bin Laden's death?

--Paul Whitefield

Photo: Pakistani photographer Mazhar Ali Khan, right, shows his photographs of Osama bin Laden displayed at the National Press Club in Islamabad, Pakistan, on Wednesday. People are still confused and suspicious about the killing of Bin Laden, which took place in their midst before dawn on Monday. Credit: B.K.Bangash / Associated Press


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there is absolutely no proof osama is dead n if there was a person like him at all,its all a big lie.y no body is shown y.we all need to c it now the body as proof and a proper burial must be done for him in a grave.there is no sea in pakistan.there is no osama maybe also.it is maybe a cartoon character.with photoshop u can change n make anybody u want.isnt it.whole world is being lied to.no dna tests r ever done.osama got kiiled how many times already in 10 years about 8 times isnt it.we all dont believe it at all.not one bit.and y he as a muslim did not have the rite to a mauslim burial also.very disappointed.

Laura M

thats true Sheknows is a cool site


yeah.. I agree Laura.. that SheKnows site is dope! Especially for entertainment news!


Yeah, I love that SheKnows site, too! High five!


Well, the mainstream media will believe any fable the government tosses out. Unfortunately, the public is not buying it anymore.

If Alex Jones is so unimportant, why is the dutiful mainstream media attacking him?

The first picture of Bin Landen was a fake, then it was confirmed that the White House picture of officials watching the announcement was stage. Anyone with a double-digit IQ would wonder why the most wanted man in the world was killed and then instantly tossed in the ocean. Is the government above questions and reproach? That seems to be the mantra from the so-called media tasked with looking out for the public.

It took more than two years to produce a birth certificate. What would have been the big deal in showing it right away? Why WAS is an issue? I'm wondering that myself.

All the mainstream media is capable of is sophomoric name-calling. You don't examine the facts and issue supporting facts to debunk anything a critic is saying.


The Trusters are truly a threat to our National Security. Trusters will blindly take the government's word for it,without even a shred of evidence. Most of these people using childish labels were rejects their whole lives who never accomplished anything. Unlike them, I am an accomplished individual. I did serve this country. And I have a right to know the truth, and if I ask for evidence, I expect the President (who works for us) to provide it.

Obama's excuses for not releasing the photos are lame at best,suspicious at worst. He could have released a fingerprint card,a dental record,or a black and white photo. Obama's refusal to oblige is a slap in the face to all Americans (and their families) who paid a price for terrorism.

Trusters are spineless cowards who,like lame sheep,believe everything they're told without a shred of evidence. By their very nature,they are a foolish group. Intelligent people trust,but verify. Trusters trust,and skip the verification part.
They spew the same weak arguments. Most notably,Trusters will claim that even with evidence,there will always be doubters. Sure,but that doesn't mean that evidence isn't necessary. Is a judge who dismisses a case due to lack of evidence a deather?

I want to believe that Osama is dead. I have some very personal reasons to hate him. But I am not a gullible person,and I am not going to just take Obama's word for it. US Presidents have lied to us before.

Is Bin Laden dead? Probably. But if the American people ask for evidence, then give it to them. Don't try and ridicule them for asking.

Don't be a truster. Don't be afraid to ask questions and express concerns. Trust,but verify.


The story changed three times in as many days, but we're supposed to just nod our heads and agree that yes, Virginia, "Chocolate rations have been increased to 30 grammes."


Osama is dead alright - he's been dead for nearly a decade.


Hey - I have incontrovertible proof that the Pelopennesian Wars were a hoax perpetrated by the mainstream media to curry favor and support for the Pelopennesians. Hard to believe, I know. For ten dollars I will send you a report showing that these wars were fabrications and that MSNBC knew about it all along.

For another five dollars I will send you a study showing that Zsa Zsa Gabor is actually Adolph Hitler. It's actually pretty obvious once you have seen the evidence.

richard elliott

Hey wait a second..!!..if you trust the Non-Trusters you become a Truster...


who is osama?

James Fox

Walter Cronkite is on record saying that UBL was killed long ago. That is not an opinion. There are many others that have said the same thing...



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